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Hi All,
This may be a daft question, i dunno, but I have a Denon AVR-X3400H and was thinking of upgrading at some point soon. However, what i havent appreciated until now is that there seems to be more to higher model number than just the number of channels they support.

If i look at the current range of Denon AVR's like the AVR-x700H models where x is a number is that taking the 3700H and 4700H as an example, i can see both are 9.2 Channel receivers but, what im not sure about is what the difference is really?

Both are 9.2ch, 8k, HEOS built in and voice control, both are IMAX enchanced and have the same number of Processing (Preamp) Channels, sooo, whats the difference? The 4700H appears to proivide more Watts per channel, but what difference does that make (Louder maybe?)

Is there a big step up in sound quality, processing etc? Are the higher priced Denons better than the 2700H sonically if you only need 5.1 etc?

It also doent help that the Denon pages are laid out differently for each model when it comes to the specs.

I guess what im trying to figure out is, if i happened to want a really nice sounding Denon and all i need is a 7.2 channel setup, why would i pick a 4700H over a 2700H?


The X4700 has better amps and processing with the excellent AL32 processor on board. The extra headroom is always welcome although not much more over the X3700. It is mainly down to components and build. The X6700 further improves on this with mono block amps. Every tier with Denon has a better performance over the ones below it.

Whether or not it's worth it for you has a lot to do with the size of your room and the speakers the amp is going to drive. You mention the X2700 versus the X4700 then between those two models there is quite a gulf in performance and specification not only with AL32 mentioned above but with a better versions of Audyssey whereas the X2700 has the basic all models from there upwards has the better XT32.

FWIW I'm running a X6500 with just a 5.1.2 set up with an external HT by-pass stereo amp driving the front left and right. This is not to do with power but a mediocre performance for stereo music which is one area in which almost all Denons, as well as other manufacturers, has an Achilles' heel.


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This thread might be helpful


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The big step change in models is moving up to the X3700 as its the lowest model that has Audyssey XT32 and pre-outs which enable it to used in conjunction with external amplifiers.

Also be careful not to over-specify and over-spend on an AVR as a system is only as strong as its weakest link. Your listening room, speakers (especially the front channels) and subwoofers will have a far greater impact on the sound quality than the specific model of AVR. Many experienced AV enthusiasts (myself included) will prioritise these and allocate a far greater proportion of their budget to them than the AVR. In practice, an X3700 with a great set of speakers and subs would probably sound far better than a X8500 with a lesser set of speakers and subs.


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Also, the 4700 provides Auro 3D, which the 3700 does not, and a 2 row front display rather than the 1 row version on the 3700.


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Is there a big step up in sound quality, processing etc? Are the higher priced Denons better than the 2700H sonically if you only need 5.1 etc?
always been an incremental up with the models... Id definitely go 4 series if can...

if dig deeper the number of power supplies... dacs, processing, analog stage...power supplies all go up as you go up the ladder :) so if can well worth investing in level up :)

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