The Devil's Own Blu-ray Review

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Reviewed by Chris McEneany
What could have been a good, solid thriller is ultimately let down when its premise quickly dovetails into genre convention and short-changes Harrison Ford’s bland good guy. As a result, The Devil’s Own is neither particularly memorable, nor exciting. He may not do anything especially wrong, but director Alan J. Pakula gives the impression of merely marking time with a scarcity of set-pieces, an atmosphere that ticks over without generating much in the way of tension or suspense and a relationship between the two leads that is workmanlike rather than genuinely affecting. With two actors of their calibre and status, it is such a shame that a powerful drama could not have been wrung from gloomy Ford and the brooding Pitt. As it is, they potter rather than storm, bounce words off one another rather communicate and utterly fail to convince us of the tricky and complicated bond that develops between the cop and the terrorist.</p>
On the plus side, Sony’s disc possesses a transfer with an often sharp and detailed image and a smart, and occasionally quite aggressive sound design. It may not be something that you would return to, but it remains a slick, by-the-numbers showpiece for two of Hollywood’s most bankable stars … if you like that kind of thing.
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