THE DEVILS - Any chance of seeing this uncut?


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I watched the Channel 4 documentary that aired last night, about Ken Russell's controversial drama "The Devils", and I also taped the subsequent screening of the cut film.

I've also seen an article by Mark Kermode on the Sight & Sound website about the missing footage, and how Warner's won't reinstate it, because of concern about its content.

Soooooo.... 2 questions:

1) What chance do we have of seeing this film, completely uncensored, getting a DVD release anywhere in the world? Criterion, perhaps. Or even Anchor Bay USA?

2) The version shown on C4 last night: was this the as-near-as-damn-it uncut version, or was it cut?

Thanks, in advance,



It would be a great shame if this film were not reinstated to its full version. Warners are a bunch of ...

Rambo John J

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The version shown was the X rated cinema version (same as the "restored" Warners Maverick Directors's collection vhs). It was as uncut as any release ever has been in this country, in other words, yes it was cut, missing all the bits highlighted in the programme.

There's always the chance someone will release the full uncut version, as long as they're prepared to pay to licence it from Warners I'd imagine Warners would be happy enough to sell the rights. Whoever then released it wouldn't have to do any leg work tracking down the censored bits as MK's already done that task. Given how embarassing Warners find the film, it's just a case of how much it'd cost in hard cash to get over that embarassment.

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