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An excellent horror film, The Descent scored very highly with me from the word go. At the cinema it floored me, and on SD DVD it still made me feel incredibly uncomfortable in my own home, with its awesome AV transfer enhancing the terrors. Now on BD, the film is brought to life in an altogether more frighteningly convincing manner, its ultra stylish visuals lifting from the screen with terrific clarity and blacks that are of Stygian-quality. Add to that an utterly amazing PCM sound design and a few new extras and you have a tremendous addition to your collection. Personally, I have both the original R1 and R2 versions and I can say, wholeheartedly, that this version trounces them. So, even if you are in the position of possibly triple-dipping with this title, I would have to say go for it. The upgrade in AV and extras is definitely worth it.

Neil Marshall is one of the few directors working in the genre who fully understands the mechanics of the horror film and has proved, with this and Dog Soldiers, that he can skilfully operate with both a low-budget sensibility and an incredibly brazen and visceral approach. He has also successfully straddled the “play-it-for-laughs” approach and the deadly serious with equal aplomb and cinematic distinction. Things bode extremely well for his next feature, even if it does seem to have been a long time coming, although he has already set his own benchmark incredibly high.
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Nice Review and a fantastic film to boot:smashin:

Can only hope that it's not too long before both HD camps can savour this in HD glory:lease:


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The best review of any film EVER.Well done Chris.
If I wasn't already a big fan of this horror masterpiece I'd go
out and buy it purely on the strength of your wonderful review alone!


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Some minor macroblocking in the blue sky after the hospital scene at the beginning of the film but other than that it's a great transfer with fine grain left intact and superior colours and fabulous detail levels.

No heavy handed DNR applied and we get high levels of detail instead. I highly recommend this.


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Several months since my last post.

Turns out my hopes of it appearing on HD DVD as well were well and truly dashed months ago:rotfl:

Definately top of my shopping list when I go BR next year (ish) :smashin:

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