The Denon 1911..


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I'm thinking of buying the 1911
The thing is I haven't (yet ) got a Sky HD or a Blu Ray
I have Sky + and a dvd recorder with optical connections to an Onky txr505
So there will be no HDMI to the 1911 amp
Would it still be worth getting ? as I may well get Sky HD next year and possibly Blu Ray.

richard plumb

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yet is important. Seems you're already thinking about it. A good receiver will last you years, so better to futureproof than end up having to replace it later on.

Having said that, Sky doesn't need a HDMI input on your reciever, but PS3 will if you want HD audio.


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If you do not plan to get 3D in the near future you should look at the 1910. This is last years model and has been sold very cheaply recently. If you can find one then they will be cheaper than the 1911 for the same sound quality while leaving you with enough money to get a bluray player or sky HD now.

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