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The day my wife converted

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by digisocialist, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. digisocialist

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    Sep 5, 2004
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    They size isn't important.. and if ever there was a day to realise the truth, today was it. Let me set the scene..

    It's a cold December evening in West Yorkshire and I have finally persuaded my wife to come to an audio/visual demonstration; she agreed but not without a look of disdain. We arrive at the Hi-Fi shop and go upstairs to the demonstration rooms; the act of ascendance too was more poignient than one might give notice to but in hindsight all things can be seen to be relevant. I shall go on. We are greated by a very smiley and helpful young man, seated in a rather comfy leather sofa and following some rather boring discussion (my wife wasn't impressed at this point) we were settled, eyes forward, ears open and the controls set for the heart of the sun.

    WOW! Denon 2910, Denon 2805, SP4805, Castle Compact Sub Sats... WOW! (again)

    OK, we watched a DTS test disc with several movies on, and we mainly focused on an excerpt from 'Chicago' It was slightly unfair to show me this from the 2910 (as this DVD player is not in my budget - they didn't have a 1910 in stock) and all was digital via DVI to the 4805. The picture was outstanding and believe me this wasn't even in low light level conditions. Colour, Contrast and the sheer depth of the Picture were just incredible. Of course, after the initial excitement I insisted on a change to Component and some time to settle down with some serious viewing, which we did. We still found the PQ to be fantastic and my wife even at one point actually said, 'isn't it great being at the cinema' before taking a reality check (corny I know but a great response :) )

    OK, I could go on but I'm writing under the speaker thread, so I will hold back on the PJ stuff. The real winner on this evening were the Castles. Incredible. I simply couldn't believe their size at first and intiial thoughts were, no way will these fill the room. How wrong was I. We're not talking about standium fillers here but they do compete at the bookshelf level, but being 'shaken' was not the effect we sought; to be embraced in an envelope of warmth with clarity and fine balance is where we arrived. My wife was amazed. We opted to try out the B&W 600s3's for comparison (I've been a fan of B&W for a while) and yes, whilst the B&W's had grunt and dwarfed the Castles, nothing was gained in the interpretation. We opted to switch to 2 channel stereo and put the B&W's up aganist the Castles with some accoustic stuff. The Castle's simply delivered what we were looking for in the music, there was a noticeable difference; we felt fatigued after listening to the B&W's and relaxed after the Castles. My wife was so amazed she could not stop talking about it, she even proceeded to invest rather a lot of time in to articulating her experience and therein before my eyes crossed the threshold and became a convert.

    ...I was pleased :devil:

    If it wasn't enough pleasure for one evening, to see one's wife take that evolutionary step, she then proceeded to shower praise on the Subwoofer! I couldn't believe it. She asked what it was, I said why? She said because it looks nice (I gave a huge smile, internally) and said 'it's the Sub we are getting'... :D

    I can't give the Castles justice enough. For their size I was amazed and they served to be the most persuasive tool in delivering top marks on the Wife Acceptance Test. Castle, I take my hat off.

    The rest is easy... of course the PJ, AMP and DVD played their part in the Video part of the Demo and now we are settled on our choices. But things may have been slightly trickier if Castle hadn't have 'majiked' up these sonic wonders.

    They say Neurotics build Castles in the sky and Psychotics live in them. Castle weren't around when the phrase was coined but Castle have been around long enough to ask us to challenge the notion. Today we ascended to the steps of Castle, were privileged to be invited in and feel rather pleased with ourselves.

    If anyone is lookinf for a small sub sat system for a grand, these are the babies.


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