The Dark Crystal Ultra HD Blu-ray Review & Comments


I remember this film with fondness. It was great for a young boy but I will find hard to justify buying this UHD Blu-Ray.

Phil Hinton

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I ended up ordering as I haven't seen it in decades, so wondering if my memories are correct.

Indiana Jones

Also haven't seen it in many years, think I will drop some hints for my birthday next month.


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Came on the other day last year so recorded it. Enjoyed it as a kid but big me didnt connect all too well.


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The Dark Crystal was one of those movies that I watched over and over again until' the actual tape from the cassette became tangled and eventually snapped due to overindulgence. I will definitely be picking this one up. I hope for Dune and Krull, Legend. Along with a few others that come to mind to follow suit in the near future, packed with full of UHD 4k goodness, as well.


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How will these be UHD though, I mean was the original film that high enough quality, or are the edited to upscale?


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Take Lawrence of Arabia (1962) shot on 70mm. Eye candy to it's beholder. 4k and beyond to it's finest. The Dark Crystal, yet another. Shot on 70mm to it's film negative. Just to name 2 classics.

dr no

Bought on ITunes in 4k Dolby Vision.
Would be inter sting to know how it compares to the the disc and its HDR10

Kotatsu Neko

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My old iTunes purchase from years back had been upgraded up 4K DV for free. Thanks Apple.

I've just had a quick look at it and it looks pretty nice. Some grain of course, mostly visible in the bright HDR areas on the screen but not too distracting. Much better than Labyrinth which looked pretty awful.

The sound mix though is still very front heavy, it's pretty much just in stereo. I wonder if the iTunes version didn't get the new sound mix? I know the ATV doesn't support Atmos yet, but they could have given it a 5.1 downscale.

I love the movie, it's such a triumph of imagination and world building. Amazing puppetry too, perhaps the best ever. I think it's a better movie than Labyrinth, although that of course has that amazing Bowie soundtrack...

Do I buy the disc for the better sound mix? One gripe I have with UHD releases is that the 4K is always vanilla, with an entirely surplus to requirements BD thrown in with the movie in 1080p plus the extras. Just give me one disc with everything on it and lower the price please!

Indiana Jones

I have watched the first two episodes and they have done a fine job keeping the look and feel of the film.

barnaby jones

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Did start watching the new series after I watched the movie, but it was late and I nodded off. Must say it looked spectacular though.

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