The Cyclone Primus V2 - Problems with some external hard drives

Yo Dude3

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The Cyclone Primus V2 isn’t able to see the contents of the latest Seagate Expansion drives, whilst it works fine with older models. Both new and old drives have the same part number STBV2000200. I have tried this on several drives, all of which perform perfectly with Windows 7.

I have determined that the difference is that older drives contain a Seagate Barracuda 2000GB (Model ST2000MD001) with 512 bytes/sector, whilst the new one has A Seagate Desktop 200GB drive with 4096 bytes/sector. There isn’t anyway of reformatting the new drives to 512 bytes/sector as this is part of the manufacturing process. 4096 bytes/sector is now the standard for all new drives.

Is there any new firmware for the Cyclone Primus V2 that will allow it to read the newer drives?

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