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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Philip4242, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Since there seem to have been a few threads complaining about poor pre- and after-sales service in general, I thought I'd try to redress the balance a little with my own recent experience.

    Please note that I have no connection with Richer Sounds, other than as a customer.

    Anyhow ...

    I bought a Yamaha DSP-AX761 7-channel AV amp from Richer Sounds in Leeds, back in 2008, along with their 5-year Supercare warranty.

    The amp has given me superb service over the years, and has only recently been replaced by a Sony STR-DH800, so that I have the amp decoding HD audio formats now, rather than the Blu-ray player.

    I came across the original receipt, etc, while I was re-boxing the amp, prior to putting it in the 'For Sale' Classifieds here at AVForums, and noticed that the 5-year Supercare warranty had just expired, but it was still within the 30-day refund period for the unused warranty.

    A quick call to the Richer Sounds Leeds branch confirmed that I couldn't do the redemption online and that I could call in at any branch to get the refund.

    Living less than 10 miles away, I was back home within the hour, having been welcomed and treated extremely courteously by Ahmed at Leeds Richer Sounds; had the full amount for the unused Supercare refunded to my debit card; and even had the £1 I'd had to feed the nearby parking meter refunded !

    Now that's GOOD service !

    Incidentally, the Leeds branch has recently moved about 50 yards further along Vicar Lane.

    So don't panic (like I did !) when you can't find the shop frontage and entrance - It's now just round the corner on New Briggate !

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