The crimbo noob question.......


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Had a few games last night but could not get into a lobby I liked at all...... Every game was dominated by one team (I was a giver and receiver in there as well...........) and a lot ended with a virtual spawn trap. Was especially bad on the vehicle dominated maps-one guy in a viper was just tearing through our team at one point.

I know it's inevitable with new guys coming in to play that don't really know what they should be doing but hopefully people will get into it sooner rather than later!!! Prob a danger of them getting turned off by one sided games before they even get into it, but how hard can it be to think "wow, that chopper/tank is completely owning me all time, I wonder what I can do to stop him......."

Or was I just unlucky and got into lobbies with a massively dominant chopper guy?


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Whats key to getting enjoyment is teaming up with other team players. Avoid dropping on randoms. Nothing worse than recognizing a squad working together on the opposing side, while your lone wolves run shoot die.

As for vehicle dominance, a good chopper pilot can tear up a game. Its takes atleast two opposing players to commit to persistent anti-air support. Even then its hard to deter a good pilot.
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