The Count of Monte Cristo - it's SUPERB!!!


Squirrel God

Watched this tonight and it's really great! :) Lots of superb acting, lots of great humour, and of course that fantastic plot.

I never read the original book, but watching the 'making of' documentaries, it would appear that the movie is quite different from the book with lots of non-trivial changes. The purists won't be happy, but anyone like me will not care one iota and in fact may even agree with the screenwriter that it makes for a better movie (because as we all know, a film is very different from a novel). :)

Guy Pearce (Memento, Neighbours :D) is superb in his role and delivers some very funny lines. Jim Caviezel (the son from Frequency) and Richard Harris (loads of movies :p) are also absolutely great.

All in all a superb movie that's got great rewatchability to boot! :)

Available at a very reasonable price from most DVD suppliers. ;)
nice..had this all week and now glad I kept it for my Saturday night movie..thanks..:)
Originally posted by groundy
Is it as good as the Richard Chamberlain classic Squirrel God?
Never seen any of the previous incarnations I'm afraid mate.
I loved the Richard Chamberlain Count Of Monte Cristo but I might just check out the new one on your recommendation. If I don't like it though, you'll have to agree to refund me Squirrel ;).
groundy, Squirrel God just pm'd me and said you're a Dumas:clown:
Sorry, couldn't resist. (The Shawshank Redemption)
Cheers groundy, save going to the Gym this week.:D
No problem mate - if you ask nicely I might even consider putting you back on my Buddy List ;).
Thanks mate, I'm touched at being on your buddy list and would wipe the tear from my eye if only you hadn't severed me hands, mate:rolleyes: :D
groundy, what'd ya think of the nightmare gamecube ad? IIII LIKE IT:devil: It reminds me of early days playing loads of Doom, then going to bed and still seeing images:eek:
Haven't seen it yet :(. Tell me what channel and time it's on next and I'll try and catch a glimpse ;).

Nintendo's marketing has been getting much better since the launch of the Gamecube though.

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