The Contractor (Amazon) Movie Review & Comments


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Cheers Cas.

I'm no Pine fan, but I am of Ben Foster. This sounds worth a watch though anyway, I like these kind of films.


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Thank you Cas. On my to watch list now.


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I thought this was formulaic and you could see what was going to happen about 45 minutes before it did. There were a couple of good set pieces but think 7 is a tad generous Cas, i wouldn't go anymore than a 6


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I'm a contractor myself (software developer, not military), but am looking forward to watching this and pretending to be able to relate to it. Saying to my other half "this is what it's like", "look what I have to deal with on a daily basis" etc.

Good to hear it's worth a watch, cheers Cas.


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This is a good watch but I must admit that the original trailer got my juices flowing with the talent involved . After watching a 7 is about right as there is a little more going on here than the usual fare .

Kinda reminds me of Three Days to Kill but with a much better script and performance .


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Sorry, but I fully hated this (respecting everyone's right to a different opinion). Predictable trash, with Pine demonstrating all the dramatic versatility of a haunted potato. Easily the least convincing ex-Tier 1 guy I can remember ever having witnessed on screen.

The gunfights look like they were put together by someone whose only military experience came from playing Call of Duty. Everyone standing still, out in the open. And all of these guys are supposed to be ex-Tier 1. Good examples of how elite soldiers fight and move can be seen in for example ZeroZeroZero or Sicario. By comparison this was just pathetic.

It was a frickin' pantomime. Just so, so awful. 3/10 from me.


I watched last night and enjoyed but did spot a few twist which were telegraphed, the main character was more believable than most in these type of films.
the guys trying to take him out were terrible shots lost of automatic rifles and at one point was all but stood still and a perfect target but they missed him. and then when he was literally a sitting target they took the other guy out first first.
Also why did the guy at the end break cover, get shot then gets up and rather than getting back in stands out in the open.
Saying that I enjoyed it 6/10.


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Found it a bit 'meh'. 5/10 for me - a little on the predictable side


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6 out of 10 seems about right.

Probably my main gripe was after they had killed the scientist and the police turned up I would expect a bunch of tier 1 operatives, fully tooled up in cover at the flank, to walk all over the local cops in about 30 seconds flat.

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Chris Pine has been in a few average films recently but I still maintain he is actually a great actor. Hell or High Water is a great film.


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