The city of lights, the city of angels..


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Although this is not from Los Angeles ;)
I took this tonight. I wasn't sure I'm going to take part at all this month, as this is not really my strength, but here it is now :)
Edited in Lightroom. Brought the saturation down a bit, this was bright orange as the lights tend to be. Brightness up a bit, to bring out a couple of details. That's about it. No crop, what you see is how it was taken.

Day 26. We built this city... by Marika II, on Flickr


Very nice shot M - great composition too - looks even better larger on black :cool:



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Love the composition and great shot.. I find the twigs to the right of the picture a little distracting but as they are quite well blended in, I just ignore them. I would love to see this same photo taken with smaller aperture like f8 to allow more of the light detail to be captured and trails from car lights. Great Location!!:thumbsup:

BTW I love that bokeh shot you have on the same page..


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Thanks guys. Due to the late hour (late as we had our kids with us) and the massive downpour, I didn't really fancy spending a long time in search for the ultimate spot :) But when I go there again, I will find a place with no branches in the view ;)
As for the trails, the exposure wasn't really long enough to make any trails. The lack of tripod didn't really make it easy to do a LE shot in the first place :) Like I said, I wasn't prepared and here's the best I could do under the circumstances :) Thanks for the comments, every single one appreciated, good or bad :)

edit: And what comes to the watermark.. it IS my picture, after all :) And I think, compared to many others I've seen around, mine is quite tasteful still ;)
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For hand held this is excellent, would have prefered smaller aperture but as you say... for a non prep shot it's understandable :)


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