the church and lean glitching



I was enjoying a fine cigar at the lodge with the vicar sipping the finest cognac and blowing smoke rings gently towards the ceiling a log fire roared in the open grate .
As usual talk turned to R63 I pointed out that I thought lean glitching could be the work of the dark lord. The vicar smiled rolled his brandy round his glass and said "My son if the roman centurians had not embedded our lords cross in the ground firmly and the cross had gone off at 45 degrees during the crucifiction would his death have any less meaning and if the good samaritan had found the road to damascus had an adverse camber to the tune of 45 degrees would he have not still helped a traveller in distress I think he would". He drew sharply on his cigar before exhaling slowly He looked into my eyes and said "I know what you mean tho that glitch can be a bit of a **** "

all the best rev mofo xxxx keepin it not to real


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world class.

mofo,i am humbled in your presence.

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


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You have brought a new meaning to reporting on R6
have you ever thought of being a corispondant on the christian channel


may i add that, that same vicar took loopy in hand a lond time again and is the cause of his arse beard being so sore.

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