The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 3D Blu-ray Review

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Reviewed by Simon Crust, 4th November 2011.
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader manages to bring the Narnian franchise back on course after the wayward turn in Prince Caspian. Lucy and Edmund are joined in Narnia with their spoiled cousin Eustace and together with King Caspian sail the seas to vanquish an evil by uniting the seven lost Lord’s swords before the world succumbs to darkness. In taking selected elements from the book and constructing a strong narrative drive between them, the makers have created a pretty decent action adventure that contains enough fantasy to keep the audience happy, even if it is at the expense of some of the book’s more intricate rudiments. It is neither as big, nor as bold as its predecessors, due to budgetary constraints, but then being set predominantly on a ship this kind of works in its favour. And with The Magician’s Nephew and The Silver Chair in the pipeline, it seems the Dawn Treader has accomplished what a Prince could not – to revitalise a franchise.

As a (semi) Region free 3D Blu-ray Fox have released a reasonably good package; the 3D picture is remarkably good considering its post-conversion process and this is backed up by a fully immersive surround track and an extras package, that whilst a little frustrating in places does contain a few gems worth seeking out. Containing as it does a 3D Blu-ray (which also plays the 2D version), a 2D Blu-ray, containing all the extras, a DVD and a Digital Copy, this is a totally future proof buy.

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I got round to finishing the trilogy on Saturday I was lucky to spot for £9.99 at £3.33 a film not bad.
I rated the second better than the first as it was all go.
The pace of this 3rd on seemed more relieved and less epic there was only a few different creatures on screen at any one time. The new kid at first was very annoying and at one point he got into trouble and the others say Lets rescue him and I said Lets not. Although later he does come out with some witty comments in his sarcasm whilst writing in his book.
I though the lad looked a bit like a relation of Judi Dench and seeing her on a clip Morecombe and Wise I though I was near.
The surround sound was some of the best I heard at on point I thought the celling was coming down then realised it was someone walking on the deck above. Also the invisible creatures' were talking every bit of the room.
Not as good as the others and the constrained budget although not a lot cheaper than the others it does show somewhat.
I hope they make some more I've really enjoyed them something I've not with Harry Potter.
enjoyment factor respectively for the 3 films.
P.S. Lucy wanting to look like her older sister, I've seen some recent picture of Lucy and think she will surpass her older sister.;)

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