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It's time to get my set-up onto the forum.

I've moved into a new house in the last 6 months and have a deicated home cinema room.
I'm actually using 1 of the back bedrooms of my house, house is Semi Detached and the room is away from neighbours so i can crack it without annoying them.

The room is 10 foot square and since it was a bedroom had wardrobes in it which i took out and installed my DVD and Equipment in the space, with a little twist which i think is cool.

Attached is the layout, a simple jpg drawing i put together to help you understand.

Photo's will following in other posts

Lets know what you think, good or bad or anything you think might be a good idea.



  • RoomLayout3.JPG
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Some Photos of the build


  • DSCN1092.JPG
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  • DSCN1093.JPG
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Wow really nice rack you have put together there cant wait to see the finished project! Cool fridge also very tidy :thumbsup:


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Nice job, that's a really clever way of getting a lot of DVDs into a small space!


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I absolutly live the pull out DVD shelf, great work... can't wait to see the finished results.


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Looks like an excellent plan. Can't wait to see the end result.

John 1987

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Ditto, shold turn out great, look forward to seeing it.


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Just like the other comments great so far and I too like the hifi rack along with the beer fridge,must get one this weekend..
Looking good and cant wait to see it completed


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The way you have got your equipment shelved and boxed is exactly how I am hoping to do in my chimney breast. I wont be requiring it to be on runners though, but yours is definately a neat job.
Looking forward to further posts.
Well done.:smashin:


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Ingenius use of space, I'm impressed. Looking forward to updates.


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Thanks All for the kind words guys.

On to the main issue the fridge:) . I actually got it as a present for christmas off my wife. it's a great little fridge, has temp control and a funky blue/purple light in it.
It's made by LEC not sure the model but they have 1 very like it (DF112G) on their website. This is bigger than mine in height anyway, cause mine is only 70cm tall, that one is 98cm.

The photos above where taken over the course of May & June.

Jully i've been painting it all up, spotlights ins, soundproof-ish underlay for carpet, curtains, projector mounted and making my goo screen.

It's just about finished now. need carpet, couch and to finish off my screen. i'll get the rest of the photos up over the next day or 2, i think it looks very well now it's all painted up the 1 colour



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Very nice wood work, and a great use of space. Can i ask one question. How did you get the cables in the walls? were they channelled out first then plastered over or what?


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Streetrod, i just used a straightened out coat hanger and fished them up, luckily i had no cross braces between studs to deal with.
I had that problem when i was running the power cable up to the projector.
If you look in the photos that follow this post you'll see 1 of the rear speakers and projector mounted from ceiling. the 3 pin plug at the bottom has the power cable coming out and going into the wall and running straight up to the socket beside projector at the top of the wall.
This means when i hit the switch beside 3 pin plug the projector goes to standby and i never have to touch the back of the projector.


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Here at some more photos, as i said earlier almost there now.
Just need carpet, couch (14 weeks i've to wait for that:( ) and finish off the screen broder with black flok tape.


  • DSCN1198.JPG
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  • DSCN1201.JPG
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  • DSCN1202.JPG
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  • DSCN1203.JPG
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  • DSCN1204.JPG
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  • DSCN1208.JPG
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  • frontm.jpg
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Just like to add, the only thing that is a bit of a pain is the front left speaker, i have to move it every time i want to get a DVD (i know little to worry about if that's it). So I just put an extra 6 inches of speaker cable and normally move it forward gives me grand access.
On the decor
The walls are mink colour.
Skirtings, arcitraves, door are Chocolate brown (hence the thread name)
carpet, couch and curtains are all chocolate brown as well.
Fridge stacked with chocolate brownies and chocolate chip cookies and beer of course.
Soon i will not be able to fit out the door:D


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sliding stuff looks great :thumbsup:

some cool some lighting in the shelving red or blue glowing round the components would be the icing :smashin:


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thats some really nice woodwork you've done there, are you a carpenter by trade?

if not maybe you should consider it :thumbsup:


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Like everyone else I'm really impressed with the work you've done there and the(almost) final look of the room.The sliding DVD storage is a brilliant idea,but I can't work out why the equipment rack needs to slide out.Is it just to aid future upgrades and/or tweaking or am I missing something?

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