The channel 4 disease is spreading



According to digiguide the next episode of csi season 4

is episode 7


the week after is episode 4

DOn't panic. Five are showing the episodes correctly, and will show episode 4 this week, followed by 5 next week. It's likely to be a minor error with DigiGuide.

DG is very good, and normally reliable, but anything listed more than a week in advance, does tend to be subjective, especially where some episode details are listed.

If you want, you can telephone Five, from the UK, on:


Hope that helps.

not quite sure where your info is coming from but according to digiguide, my tv guide mag, sky planner and 5's own site; tuesday's episode is Invisible evidence which is episode 7.

It isn't a major issue just a minor one

Yep, have double-checked with Five, and they did confirm what you originally said. They couldn't tell me why, but said they would check it out for me. Could be to do with a content problem (violence, gore, etc) or maybe a storyline is related to something in British news (kidnapping or murder of children, etc), or maybe their transmission print isn't suitable or good quality enough to risk transmitting, and then getting lots of complaints.

If I find anything further, I'll post here.

i don't think it can be violence related. It is due to be screened the following Tuesday. Hopefully it will be completely separate of previous storylines; if that is the case it shouldn't matter.
well it looks like they realised their mistake

a last minute change to the correct episode :)

Five contacted me back, (Thanks, Jessica - from the Five Duty Office), and she said that CBS and Alliance Atlantis have given Five specific instructions on the episode order, and in the way they are to be aired by Five!

As such, this may not always correspond with the list on (which is what Five and most people on the Net, use to verify the episode running order of TV shows). Because of the instructions from CBS/Alliance Atlantis, they have to stick to that request. However, they will always query and get back to anyone who contacts them with an episode running-order, related query for any of their imported shows.

If only Channel 4 would be as good as Five!

Oh, and loved "CSI: Miami's" episode on Saturday 14th Feb! Very graphic, but superb and shocking drama, nonetheless.

nice to see that the aired episode was episode 4 like it should have been and not the one advertised
Originally posted by miller25
nice to see that the aired episode was episode 4 like it should have been and not the one advertised

they didnt the aired ep5 "feeling the heat" the missed ep 4 "invisible evidence" Synopsis: "Warrick is blindsided in court when a bloody knife he recovered from a suspected killer's car is determined to be inadmissible, leaving the CSIs only 24 hours to find new evidence before the accused murderer is set free.

anyone know why? just found out

over at digispy the reason given is that in the US ep4"invisible evidence" was bumped at the last minute due to a baseball game and that episode became ep 7, episode 5 then became ep 4, so ch5 are showing them in the order aired in the us
as long as we are seeing them in the order they were seen in the US
just as long as the don't do what channel 4 do and miss out episodes and show the ones they do have in a random order (as they do without a trace)

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