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When In Rome

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I'm not a fan of NowTV for the footy it's poorer quality than iptv and considerably more expensive :)
But its only a conduit. It doesn't broadcast football, rather streams it from elsewhere. It's expensive though. If I had my way I'd get BT in and have the whole kit and caboodle. Then I'd even be able to watch National League with no crowds although for Boreham Wood, that's normal.

When In Rome

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I don't think it will affect much, they will just be quarantined and they're all wearing masks in training.

On the news just now a report was suggesting that stadiums could be having supporters in them again as early as September.


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My mate has just had to go off in the Northampton game with a pulled hamstring. He’s a linesman !! Doh !!!


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I'm still amazed we've not had more. I obviously hope it stays that way though. But I fear the worst.

Whilst most of us here sit pretty talking about our own PL clubs, there must be many fans up and down the land extremely worried.

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