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Reviewed by Keith Hurst
A guilty pleasure of sorts but really only because of a couple of scenes and a full on, deep soundtrack which I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed. If it wasn't for that soundtrack though and I hadn't been given this to review then there is no way I would have finished watching this film.The plot was pretty narrow stealing whole sections from earlier better versions. I never enjoyed the characters, their interaction or the reasons for progressing from one adventure to another. As a package it's a wonderful example of what you can do with some high definition cameras, the audio mix is a belter and not just for the Eighties tracks populating this feature from start to finish.

Prior to watching this I was looking forward at some point to catching The Football Factory, but now I think I'll wait a while. This just isn't for me, it's good to see some British actors walk into scene after scene but I enjoy watching better features than this. Rental at best I feel.
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Distinguished Member
What happens to the films after review? are we allowed to buy them off you? would really7 like The Business blu-ray- one of my favourites with a great soundtrack.



Simon Crust

Movie Reviewer
As a general rule the only 'payment' the reviewers get for their work is to keep the disc in question. Sometimes these discs are finished copies or more often than not unfinished 'check' discs which cannot be passed on.

It is up to the individual reviewer what to do with the disc once it has been reviewed, but the way I work is to organise material that the reviewers actually want; meaning that normally the discs are kept.



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