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Dear AVForums Community,

Celebrating 100 years of Braun, we are happy to join AV Forums and be able to bring you design inspiration, first-hand insights into all things Braun Audio, product news and exclusive offers through this thread.

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Since 1921, Braun has earned a formidable reputation for the creation of iconic designs and human-centred product experiences. This humanistic focus, combined with 'less but better' has inspired designers and emulators worldwide for over a century. Central to this approach is the desire to simplify, clarify and enhance the evolving and diverse ways people choose to live their lives.

We reinvented our classic LE speakers from 1959 to become wireless, multi-room and smart and introduced our new range of LE01, LE02 and LE03 to the world.
And this is just the beginning.
You can find more information about our audio heritage here.

If you are interested in the process and thought behind the reintroduction of Braun Audio, you can read about it in an interview with Braun Head of Design Oliver Grabes here.

Design is at the heart of Braun Audio and still to this day, we embrace the 10 principles of good design. Braun is celebrating 100 years in 2021 and is collaborating with designers across the world to answer the question "What is good design?". From established icons like Ilse Crawford or Virgil Abloh to the designers of tomorrow in the upcoming Braun price. If you are curious about how other designers interpret these principles, have a look at our Instagram or Facebook profile to have unique insights into these designer features and stay tuned here.

If you are wondering how the speakers sound there is a possibility to compare the three models in a virtual listening room.

We are looking forward to exchanging thoughts and inspirations with you.

Braun Audio

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Dear AVForums Community,

we have a great new Deal for you!

Buy a participating Braun Audio Speaker with a stand during the promotional period from 01.08.2021 to 31.12.2021 in a participating retailer and you can claim a €50 concert voucher.

After the return period (14 days after purchase and latest 30 days after this period) you can apply for your voucher here.

Please have a look here for more detailled information.


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