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After five years the Bourne franchise is back, only not quite as we know it.

Rather than reboot the popular film series from scratch (c.f. Spiderman) or just continue it merely using a different actor (a la Bond), the Studios have chosen an unusual middle-ground: keep the Bourne name in the title, but change the lead character, effectively telling a parallel ‘origin’ story of another highly-trained superspy, who happened to be left out in the cold largely as a result of the events surrounding Jason Bourne himself. Indeed, once you get past the fact that it feels like they are shamelessly milking the name of the franchise’s most famous asset, you soon realise that it is actually quite an appropriate title: this is, after all, Bourne’s legacy.

Paralleling the events of The Bourne Ultimatum, the movie widens the...

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I saw this yesterday and your score of 7 is about right. I like JR a lot and he's decent in this. I just felt it lacked the impact of the MD films.


I watched it last night and enjoyed it although I hated
them un-doing what had gone on in Bourne Ultimatum, the bit where the turned it around and made Pamela Landy the traitor and Noah Vosen not be the evil murdering toe-rag he is.
Also would the senate committee be told what Pamela Landy was trying to uncover.
And whilst enjoying it whilst watching the film reflecting on it it did seem a little they taken plots from here and there such as having an other sleeper agent kill Jerry.
The night before I was discussing the ludicrous basic plot line of Lucy where they still persist in using the humans only use 10% of our brains which has been debunked for a long time, and said there could be other plot devises that would get round this and make it viable. And watching this I thought YES they could have used something like this.

Rambo John J

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he probably just wants to be reminded what it's like to make a film nobody wants to watch

I don't remember it being a total stinker but, then again, I don't remember very much about it. Something about pills maybe, but that might have been The Matrix. And some fighting... but that could be anything.

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