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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 16th September 2011.
“The time has come to liquidate our guests.”

John Barry’s score for The Black Hole should need no introduction to genre-fans. Whereas John Williams created colourfully heraldic fanfares, whip-crack action and fabulously exotic alien mystery for Star Wars, Barry focussed on two emphatic moods – dread-filled awe and destiny-bound heroism – for his intergalactic adventure. He’d already done the “fun” side of SF with his music for Starcrash – although coupled with a very 70's Love Boat style - and even if Disney’s film was still going to boast cute robots and laser-beam shootouts, he was determined to keep things dark and mature and pessimistic for The Black Hole.

Barry was an unashamed advocate of the tragically romantic, musically speaking … so you pretty much understand that he won't be playing to the conventions of epic SF action. But what he creates here is a mixture of dark dementia, velvet unease and ethereal mystery, his powerful brooding interrupted only with fleeting motifs of decisive action. But the mood is utterly superb and spellbinding, a dense and rich evocation of deep suspense and galactic melancholia. His main theme will truly embed itself into your heart and soul, and the lingering coda of quasi-religious colour and perplexed triumph is sure to haunt.

With such an incredible and long-awaited release, you pray for the best possible quality. And you can rest assured that in the hands of Disney and Intrada, you've got it. The Black Hole sounds simply amazing and, coupled with lavish notes and gorgeous packaging, this is a release that no score-fan should pass up. And the fact that it is not at all limited in number means that you can't miss out.

John Barry's powerful score for The Black Hole gets the highest recommendation possible.


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Well-known Member
First record I ever owned :eek: Woolworths had a window display which caught my attention and i needed this record. I never even saw the film till around '83 or '84.

Nostalgia makes me want this CD too, now if there was only a Woolworths window display :laugh:


Distinguished Member
i do still have the Lp :D
the music score is one thing that stood out in the film :cool:

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