The biggest problem facing the AV industry and its customers today?


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Sorry Knight_Byte, but I can't agree with some of the thrust of your last post :D

People have always been lazy; people have always bought things on a whim. You accuse etailers of "fishing" specifically for these types. But what are they doing that is any worse than the convenience of the Bricks and Mortar Comet's and Curry's of this world? Look at the millions of pounds that they spend on advertising and using heavy discounting on some pretty useless products to shift them. They also, can be held responsible for "damaging" the budget to middle sector specialist retailer.

You could say that they at the least people who go to Comet get to see the product first and get a chance to see it's got a rubbish picture, sound, or whatever. Unfortunately, 99 times out of 100, I bet that the person wouldn't see past the price and would still buy it.

Also, what about the people who read a review of a product and then go and buy it without making sure it is suitable first. These are also the people who couldn't care less whether they buy from B&M or etail, but only look at price.

Are etailers controlling some sectors of the market and now forcing prices up? That may or may not be happening. But using high-end graphics cards for your example does not do your argument any favours. They are one of those "must-have" items for the select few idiots that like to pay full whack prices (and a bit more besides), to be first to have that item. Just like somebody paying for example, more than an IPod is worth because it's a fashion item. In 12-18 months time, those cards will be selling for about a third of the original price....

I'm not saying that I like what is happening. I also like to view/listen to a product before I buy. But I am a realist and for better or worse, etail is the future for the majority of purchases. We on these forums are only a tiny part of the market and can moan and whinge as much as we like, but we had better get use to the fact and plan for our future purchases accordingly.

However, like you, I cannot see all the B&M retailers going out of business. As you say, there will always be a select few AV specialists, for the "discerning" (well off) customer, who will be willing to travel to see and demo a product and want a different level of service. Ironically, the majority of this business will probably be done via advertising by the B&M retailer on the web "fishing" for his potential customers!!

I'm not a "discerning customer" - I have a wife, mortgage and low income:D


Slightly off topic, but it shows that prices in any sector do rise due to various things.

The airline industry will increase prices across Europe to offset the costs of laws which are in current effect.

IF most of the B&M competition disappears, the etailers WILL raise prices to what they can get away with. I have seen the 'other side' of the etailer, faulty returns from customers (which aren't always faulty, and if they're not, the customer has to pay to have them shipped back, not looking quite so much of a bargain then), returns from customers who change their mind (or want to 'home trial' a product recommended to them by someone from a forum), undeliverable goods, goods damaged in transit etc. It all costs money. When they realise they need to make more money, and also realise they can make more money, they will.

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Stuart- if you take leave of your senses and decide that any of my witterings on this thread are useful, then feel free to use them.

I loved this thread- how's the OFT investigation going Potshot?

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Stuart- if you take leave of your senses and decide that any of my witterings on this thread are useful, then feel free to use them.
It's your spoken opinion we need.

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