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The Best of the Budget 32" LCDs Is.....


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I previously owned a Hannspree JT 01 E2 LCD TV which I have returned to the retailer due to red ghosting and an "unfixable" problem with image tearing via VGA.

So the hunt for a replacement is on, and I have narrowed my search down to 3.

The Mirai DTL-332M200 at DirectTVs seems to have the best specs (6.5ms response and 1200:1 contrast ratio) and the lowest price at £289 - but Im not too impressed with the aesthetics of the unit and am a little worried by the bad reports regarding the service from DirectTVs.


The Teco TL3291RW is now back in stock in Ebuyer at £299 delivered. Now this one looks nice and also importantly doesnt have any issues with VGA connectivity with the XBOX 360.


Finally the Haier at £299 delivered from BT Shop - Im struggling to find ANY details on ANYWHERE ! From the pictures which Ive managed to find it looks a nice set, well finished along the lines of the Hannspree - but as Ive learnt from the Hannspree - a nice case doesnt necessarily mean a nice TV ! Specs wise its much the same as the Teco above (800:1 contrast and 8ms response time).

Link below is to another retailer as the picture of the Haier is much better on this page:

http://www.ajelectronics.co.uk/View...A&Prod_name=Haier L32A8A-A1 LCD TV&CAT_CODE=7

Id be very very interested to hear thoughts from anyone owns the Haier or has seen one in the flesh. I was initially worried that the Haier might just be arebadged Hannspree but some of the specs seem sufficiently different that I no longer think that is the case - unless someone can prove otherwise of course !

So - which is the Best out of this little lot then ?

Does a 1200:1 vs 800:1 contrast ratio and a 6.5ms response time mean that the Mirai will be noticably better - despite its more humble looking casing ?

Ive spent most of today searching Google and ploughing through forum posts and Ive finally narrowed it down to these 3. A key factor is being able to use the VGA port to connect the XBOX 360 for DVD upscaling and DivX playback heaven....!

Finally please dont suggest a Hannspree ! Having owned one I must admit the picture was fairly good on slow moving scenes but it was completely inadequate on fast moving scenes and the VGA connection is, by Hannspree's own admission, not capable of displaying moving HD content correctly !

Thanks !!!


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Anyone know much about those TV's as I'm in the market for a cheap 32" too !


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There's about three different threads going on at the mo, all with people looking for cheap, decent, reliable 32" tv's - around the £300 - £350 mark. Some of these tv's you've not considered (another Hanspree, Teco, Finlux, Acoustic Solutions) For info here's a couple of the aforementioned threads, one about considering several sets, and one more about the Argos Acoustic Solutions one :



I posted this yesteday about a Finlux you might consider, but noone has one to comment : http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=685751



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I had the Hannspree too, same problems, red ghosting and blurred images. I got the retailer to take it back and got a full refund. I decided that cheap makes like these are false economy so I bit the bullet and purchased a Toshiba 32C3035D 32" LCD from Comet for £399 last week. Yes, it's another 100 quid, but by heck, the picture quality is superb compared to the Hannspree and Orion and TECO sets that I went through on that journey. I can't recommend the Toshiba highly enough for £399, it is superb.


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Hi - I tried to chase down a Finlux at B&M but their Head Office told me that they had none in stock anywhere. Shame cos it looked a damned fine TV !

Im keeping tabs on the Accoustic Solutions to see if Argos drop the price again.

Id be interested to hear from Andy_Jack why he returned his Teco ? Everything Ive read on the AV Forums about the Tecos seems very positive so far ?


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I've just ordered this one
total (inc. VAT) £331.06 including next day delivery.
168 reviews on dabs, I've read most of them and came across 2 or 3 negative reviews.
Apparantly its a rebadged Digimate LTV-3203HT.
It comes with 1 year warranty but register it with digimate to get 3 years.
Apparantly the speakers aren't the best, but I plan to have decent seperate speakers anyway,

Mine's coming tomorrow as I am impatient, if it helps i will let you know what it's like.
(Disclaimer though, I'm no techy person so it would be a "joe-average" view but if it helps i will upload images, videos and my views.)


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Id be interested to hear from Andy_Jack why he returned his Teco ? Everything Ive read on the AV Forums about the Tecos seems very positive so far ?

I had, in order of ownership, an Orion 32" LCD from Comet (£299). This set had a good picture and was excellent with Hi-Def, but the sets psu went kaput and I took it back to Currys and got a full refund. I then purchased online, A Teco 32" set. The picture on this one was only OK. But this developed faults with selecting inputs and recognising HDMI inputs. Back it went and another full refund. I then purchased the Hannspree JT01 32" set from Ebuyer. Well, the picture quality was terrible with red ghosting and blurry picture. Ebuyer sent a courier to collect and I opted for a full refund. Went to Comet same day and got the Tosh. World of difference so far. :thumbsup:


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I was gonna get a budget set, but now I'm thinking I should go for a branded set. My brother has a TECO but I'm not too impressed with any connection apart from vga. I mean the scarts look worse than composite on my old 28" CRT. Tosh's seem to be very popular so may go for one of them.

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