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For some time now i have been looking and testing various demo discs in Digital , DTS and THX for my stores to demonstrate the best possible sound.

But is it just me or can anyone suggest a great disc for demo's, i tend to find that all the classic demo discs used, Star Wars, Matrix and any other action movies have far to much enthasist on noise and so demonstrations just become a room full of noise, where if i try and use a film not really renowned for it's sound it always has clear accurate sound effects.

also do think that the movie guys seem to be making more and more movies with as much bangs and crashes possible rather then accuracy.


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Yeh i had noticed that thread, but i think a lot of them on there in my opinion does exactly what i meam, a lot of people listen to the shooting scene in The Matrix, which is listed, but i am never impressed by it, it's just a lot of loud inaccurate noise, the base level is not right the surround is almost non-existent

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There are plenty of choices available that don't include bangs and wallops in the demo thread. You could also check out the a-z of forum reviews for some ideas click the link in my sig.

If it's subtle surround experiences which you want to demo then try Finding Nemo R1, X-Men 1.5 DTS where wolverine is walking down the school hall with the voice following. Spiderman DTS where Osbourne is in his office and the Goblins voice surrounds him and many more I just can't seem to remember at the moment.


DVD Review recently cited A.I. as the benchmark disc for assessing the quality of an audio system. They had a very interesting article that gave key sequences on the disk to test different aspects of the audio system.

There were a few of the usual crash-boom sequences used to test dynamics, but the tests were more concerned with the resolving power and ability to pick out subtleties and fine detail that lesser kit majoring on the "boom factor" tended to miss out on.

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