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The best 32" tv brands or models for a PC monitor


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As my HannsG 28" monitor is on the blink, I thought I may as well find out if there are any 32" tv's around that do a good job as a monitor.

Are there specific brands that are better than others (Sony/LG/Samsung) etc?
Are there any specific models that do an especially good job as a monitor?

Being good for gaming is a consideration but a clear and crisp desktop display a far more important. I've never purchased an LCD tv before (my main tv is a plasma) and really don't know if most tv's around today do an equally good job or there are still certain one's to go for. Any advice is appreciated...


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I can't answer the question but why have you discounted the large monitors? The Televisions are all going to suffer from certain flaws, chiefly the low 1920x1080 resolution, even if you find one that's good in all the other areas.


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I haven't discounted monitors at all, but large monitors the same or larger than what I have now are big bucks and something I can't afford. A 27" is only an inch smaller but I see no real reason to get something smaller when I would like something a bit bigger and easier on my eyes from the current viewing distance of ~4ft.

I'm simply asking the question if there are 32" tv's around that can do a good job as a permanent PC monitor and what makes/models they might be.
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Ive used quite a few in the past and they all tend to be about the same quality between the top brands as far as this use. I'd check that the model you look at can have picture processing disabled or has a decent 'game' setting.

I'd also make sure that you get something close to a Matt finish screen as many Tv's tend to be high gloss or single laminated glass surface which causes very bad reflections when working.

I'm using a recent model Sony at the moment while I wait for a 4K solution. It's much to low resolution for serious work (1080p at 40") but it does a much much better job at gaming that my previous Dell 30" 1600p ultra sharp which cost north of £1K as long as you don't feel that resolution is everything.


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Thanks for the input (if you'll excuse the pun)...:D

I'm glad there doesn't seem to be too much of a difference between brands/models because it makes the job easier when it comes to looking. I'd probably go with a Samsung, Panasonic, LG or something of similar quality.

Hopefully if/when my monitor does pack up it can be repaired. It was repaired under warranty for the same issue so no real reason why it can't be fixed again. That would at least put the tv search back for a little while at least. ;)


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i use an LH3000 and the pic is brilliant, got it about 2010. What I am going to say is if you do your research 1st, then there is no reason not to use a TV for PC. It is a cheaper way to get a 32 1080p panel and with a secondary use, TV.

I had a lg 24 pc monitor, then 27, and now at present the TV and no looking back.

I know the post is late but just wanted to help others in the ' do i use a tv for pc '

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