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Reviewed by Brian Day, 5th October 2008
This film was never going to fail in this reviewers hands. With every tune in this film on my IPod, it was a pleasure to see how they would have been played live in front of an audience. Of course, this film is just a representation of how it would have been – and by all accounts, not a very accurate one.
All fluffed up for 1950’s audiences, Hollywood had a vision of how it wanted the world to see America – and this film certainly continues the trend of films like The Glen Miller Story by missing out all the bad parts and concentrating on what people wanted to see and hear. In this case, a happy bespectacled balding man playing the clarinet.
So while I mark the film for what it is – a piece of fiction – I also tip my 1940’s trilby in it’s direction for paying respect to one of the musical geniuses of the early twentieth century. Well worth a rental just to see what all the fuss was about.
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