The Bedford Incident


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I watched this today on Sky Cinema. Well written and acted with an excellent cast. Richard Widmark, Martin Balsam, Sidney Potier.

Dialogue driven, no spectacular FX shots with a bleak (but totally credible) ending, that modern film studios would cak themsleves to even contemplate. No superflous love interest, no rap stars placed to boost viewing figures, with target audiences. Just plot, acting and conviction.

The more I watch films made before 1977, the more I feel that Hollywoods golden age is really over and beyond resurrection.


Couldnt agree more!! This film was outstanding.I recorded it onto DVD Yesterday for myself.Richard Widmark was such a great actor.....Why cant they churn out movies like this anymore :(


Seems like your catching up with the goodies and some films with subs in them.
I can just imaging how you felt when the final scene came.:eek: :smashin:

I take the 1977 reference refers to pre Star Wars.


I totally agree. It only seems to be the small production companies with low budgets that seem to be releasing movies that have any deapth.
Hollywood have lost sight of the fact that film can be an art form. They appear to be just interested in maximising profits these days investing little effort or money on non block buster type films.
We should remember though that it is the movie "business" so I assume that this unfortunately blinkers them somewhat.
I enjoy blockbusters like the rest but wouldn't it be reasonable to expect them to plough back some of their vast profits into productions that don't fall into the blockbuster category?
What a breath of fresh air that would be:)

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