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I have a Blue-Ray player that plays blue ray discs AND mkv files from USB AND it supports NTFS - forget the ukking astard 4 gb limits of FAT32

What player is it you ask?

I have a Samsung P4600 with the latest firmware that just played a 6.7gb MKV file from an NTFS formatted 16 GB USB stick.

So if you are thinking about which player to buy, then stop thinking and buy the 4600. You can have top quality blue-ray play back AND full mkv support too.

Forget the BDP390 - just get the Samsung and be happy!!!
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You do have a point.....I guess I was getting carried away with finding USB NTFS ability and MKV support:rolleyes:. Plus I don't buy outside if my region very often if ever. Is it really worth it? Do people do it a lot?

Nic Rhodes

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MR all the time, an absolute essential for me. mkv files from USB, NTFS, FAT32 etc etc are a complete irrelevance for me however. Everyone will have different requirements for their needs and different players will suit.


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I am in the same boat, MR (DVD) is must, MR(blueray) if possible.

Everybody is suggesting LG BD390 but I am not that much keen on the make.


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After 3 Samsung Blu ray players breaking down on me I was going to put my money on the Oppo but now I'm trying the LG BD390 as it's more in my budget.

I wouldn't be so bothered with the Samsung's dying if I abused them but they were only used for Blu ray playback and only have 35 discs!


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Plus I don't buy outside if my region very often if ever. Is it really worth it? Do people do it a lot?

I live in the UK but have always bought from other regions. Mainly because of availability and largely because PAL is just....wrong :)
As Nic says, different requirements will likely always make one player 'better' than another to some people. Luckily we have some choice :)

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