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This is the AVF PSN trophy leaderboard.

The leaderboard is sorted by level, and then by number of trophies in case of a tie on the percentage level.

All trophy data is sourced from PSN Profiles.

The eligibility for inclusion in the leaderboard is a minimum of 100 posts and 2 months AVF membership.

Anybody who has not earned at least one trophy in the previous four months will be automatically removed from the leaderboard

Please PM me with your PSN ID if you would like to be included in the leaderboard.

The leaderboard was last updated on 13 November 2020.

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I've taken over managing the leaderboard from benny22. Thanks for all his great work over the last few years. I'll aim to keep the leaderboard updated every couple of weeks.

This week's top 10 trophy whores are

  1. THE_FORCE 106
  2. Citizen-Keyne 80
  3. Scalamandoo 66
  4. amplifiedAnt 56
  5. DerbyMeerkat 40
  6. mr-smooth 37
  7. Nezben 32
  8. benny_2_2 31
  9. Davidg1230 & FadgewackeR both 30
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Nice one!

Just a suggestion for the new thread, how about having the top 10 hunters every week instead of 5?

Thanks for taking on the task :)


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2 platinum achieved today-

#50 Uncharted 4
#51 Life is strange

Daft Ada

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Completed Broken Age the other night, superb little adventure game and highly recommended for fans of Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island etc.

Nabbed all but four trophies, I might replay to get the Grabbin Gary and Spoon trophies, but not sure I have the skill or patience to get the perfect rescue, or complete it in under an hour.

Would also like to add my thanks to @benny22 and @rehmanmohamed for their sterling work (past and present) keeping the trophy leaderboard going. Cheers chaps!


Had a nice little run on quick Asian plats. Bumped me up a couple of levels lol.


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Best of luck with the updates Rehman!

Just got the Fifa 16 plat with some help. Awful trophy list for the FUT ones.

Also playing Uncharted 4. Stunning game.


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This week's update. Data taken 06/06/2016 at 13:00

1 new entry this week. HighlandCelt enters at number 34

1 mover in the leaderboard with DerbyMeerkat moving up one place

The top 10 trophy whores since the last update are:

1. THE_FORCE (528)
2. tartandon (135)
3. VonPit (72)
4. Citizen-Keyne (59)
5. benny_2_2 (44)
6. dawson001 (41)
7=. BattleExile (38)
7=. tpr007 (38)
7=. TheBunkDontSwim (38)
10. Nezben (34)


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528? WHAT!!!! :eek:

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