The AVF PSN Trophy Leaderboard - Part 8

Floyd AVF

Whaaaa? Which bits you stuck on? I think I had about 2 problem areas (with no dying) which took a couple of attempts. Think it took me about 8 hours.

Plus it’s quality game haha! Cheesy script, shooting dinosaurs, crappy graphics! Nothing to not love.
I agree. I didn't find this hard to platinum at all


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I've finally got my completion rate above 90%! However, I'm about to start Football Manager on the vita which looks like it might take a couple of years to plat, so think it will be dropping down again :(.


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100%ed Touch My Katamari this weekend. Glorious weirdness but the last gold trophy was a bit of a grind.

Finished first inFamous playthrough as well, this will almost certainly be my first PS4 platinum even though I have three other games that are close.


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Made some solid progress on NFS Rivals. About 30% done on the whole things and looking at a 30-34 hour plat (guide gives it 25+ hours…possible if you made 0 mistakes). Lost a shed load of speed points too easily (about 300,000 in one go which was a killer)…but doesn’t matter at the minute; just need to do all speed lists for racer (25 left from 60) and the Cop side.

Also finished off my Survivor+ run on The Last Of Us. Deary me, last 2 chapters in Winter and Spring are brutal. No ammo, no health, super sensitive hearing from enemies. Had no chance of getting through the underpass in Spring but went sneaky sneaky and only killed what I had to silently…then sneaked past and that was it. End level in the hospital is hard too. I got excited when I had an M4 and 35 bullets…then I got rushed by 4 armoured guards and only had 1 bullet left haha! Went from 3 trophies (an E) to 10 last night (an A) which looks like some nice stats on PSNP. Now just an easy run through to get all of the collectibles…and not forget to pick the flamethrower up this time!


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Platinum no 63, Farcry classic. A nice selection of bronze, silver & golds, really easy too as you can do one playthough on easy with no collectibles and a few chapter specific trophies, then there's a hard trophy but there's an easy workaround for that, check out the trophy guide, easily done in 15 hours or so.

Floyd AVF

Platinum no 63, Farcry classic. A nice selection of bronze, silver & golds, really easy too as you can do one playthough on easy with no collectibles and a few chapter specific trophies, then there's a hard trophy but there's an easy workaround for that, check out the trophy guide, easily done in 15 hours or so.
I'll check that exploit out. Started this on hard when it first came out, before any guides were up and it's as tough as I remember, so not played it since! I'll restart on easy.


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Got 2 platinums earlier this week, first for inFamous Second Son, cracking game and an easy trophy set.

Second for Bioshock Infinite, again a cracking game. Going through on its hardest mode (1999 mode) without buying anything from a vending machine is a real tester.
Some tricky trophies all round and it took almost 3 playthroughs to get it so its one of my proudest platinums.


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Plat 36, Dark Souls II.

What a game, every bit as good as Demons Souls and Dark Souls 1.


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Plat no 64, believe it or not I actually managed to finish the hard run through on the pretty terrible Jurassic The Hunted, your comments here pushed me to do it. For some reason I found some sections tough going.


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Platinum 93 for Far Cry Classic
The save exploit was a godsend!
I'd recommend it to any platinum trophy hunter, nothing too hard about it... as for Jurassic!
Currently playing Jak & Daxter The Precursor Legacy, never played one before, supposed to be easy.


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Leaderboard updated... :smashin: Congratulations to tartandon who is the whore this time with 90 trophies. I've noticed the PSNprofiles hasn't updated ina while as it saying I've about 40 trophies less than I actually have. Ah well.

tartandon 90
benny_2_2 83
Citizen-Keyne 72
Istanbul5-times 68
mr-smooth 56
Nezben 54
Denis1903 44
BattleExile 37
Leon_Plopski 30
hope090209 30
JoystickJedi 23
BenchyUK 21
TheRobotman 13
stuartd 11
amplifiedAnt 7
p9ul 4
FiveOClockHero 4
foster92_UK 3

In an ideal world I'd update this leaderboard every week or at least every two weeks but I just don't seem to have the time lately, so is there anyone else who'd like to take over the leaderboard? All you need is a little Excel knowledge. PM if you're interested, I feel it's time to hand it over.


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Back from my hols a few days ago and just got the plat on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - my first in about 4 or 5 months. There are some tough sections (as mentioned above) but it's all very much achievable with a bit of willpower and dexterity.

Started MotoGP 13 last night (another PS+ freebie, yay!) and got 23 trophies in just over an hour. Odd physics if you're only used to racing cars but it's fun and all seems easy enough.

PES 2014 sounds a good shout to get stuck into as well. Haven't owned a Pro Evo game since the PS2 days, used to adore the series.


Finally got the platinum for Lego Marvel Superheros - ive been sitting one trophy short of the platinum all for want of a second controller for the ps4 - I wasnt going to fork out 50 odd quid for a second controller just to get a co-op trophy, finally managed to borrow one of a friend.

Platinum number 82


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I've had a bit more PS3 time lately as the mrs has started a new job and has been out every night. Currently making good progress through PES 2014 - it's the first time I've played PES since I had a PS2 and the commentary hasn't improved any!
Just got crysis 3 plat, was hard because multiplayer is dead, still waiting on a patch for watch dogs, done 7 games whilst waiting rather than endlessly fail social lubricant

psn id Ephemerealms


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You do realise that there's a new trophy leaderboard in the PS4 forum now? This forum is essentially closed.

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