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“If we can’t protect the Earth … you can be damn well sure we’ll avenge it.”

Well, I’m elated that The Avengers has smashed box office records around the world and Joss Whedon’s outstanding team-up has put the fun well and truly back into cinematic superheroics. Whilst Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight cycle taps into much more serious issues, and tries to say something about the nature of the world and the scars of injustice, and is immensely successful at doing so, the Marvel cavalcade has, on the surface, a far simpler agenda – which is to bring those fantastic comic-books to life in the manner that we always wanted to see them up there on the big screen. And now that technology, budgets and great casts have become available, this is no longer a fanboy pipe-dream.

The Avengersis, to put it bluntly and with a whiff of what is actually geeky understatement, the best...

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Distinguished Member
Fantastic review as always Chris :smashin:

Very in depth and pretty much agree with all the comments you make.

First thing I did after watching my fave film of this year, was go out and buy The Avengers soundtrack.

Assemble has to be my fave track, the section where the Avengers assemble and the "theme" is fully played was the stand out moment for me at the cinema and it is on this album ... a master piece imo and very inspiring !

Sylvestri is one of the greats so pleased he was on board for this project.

A great music score to compliment this epic film for sure :thumbsup:

Saw Spiderman yesterday ... pretty decent film and quite liked the score so gonna get that one shortly ... cool that Horner is giving us some decent scores again, although we are still waiting for that Commando beater :cool:

Need to get my hands on the new score for The Dark Knight Rises ... it has just gotta be the score of the year ... surely ? ... hopefully !

Oh, and then not forgetting Tyler score for Expendables # 2 ... 2012 is shaping up to be a pretty good year for action scores :clap:

Chris McEneany

Well-known Member
Hey Glenn,

Yep, this is perhaps the best year yet for mega-releases on the big screen (all those superheroes), cult faves coming out on Blu (Jaws/Hammer/Halloween III), and the big boxsets (Indy, Bond and the Universal Monsters)!!!! :thumbsup:

An expensive year as well! :eek:

Initially, I wasn't looking forward to Spidey's too-soon reboot. But my son dragged me along and - wow - after the first 10 mins I was utterly smitten with it. Corny and clichéd as hell, but I loved it, mate. Even the bit with the cranes. Tell u the truth, I was almost on my feet, punching the air and yelling "Go, Spidey! Go!" at that bit.

James Horner's score is fantastic. I'd already heard it and wondered how well it would fit the film. Well, it is probably down to his euphoric, do-or-die statement that makes me love that crane bit so much. Awesome stuff. Exciting, clever, inspired and moving. What more could you ask for from a score?

Review of it coming up? Erm ... u betcha.

And then there's the Bat. :D Oh sweet Jeezus. I just cannot wait. Standing ovations at the private screenings in the States. I thought The Dark Knight was a masterpiece ... and this looks set to top it.

One thing's for certain ... it won't be another Prometheus. :p

Cheers for the comments.

I've got BD reviews of Outland, Barbarella and The Entity coming up. Outland is another of my all-time faves. Great movie. Fabulous set design. Dark, mean and moody. Connery on fine form and a terrific score from Jerry G.!

Happy days.

Cheers mate!

Chris McEneany :devil:


Distinguished Member
Halloween III on blu ray, I did not know that ... cool !

I got Halloween 2 last year and slowly became a fan of '3' over the years, especially the soundtrack.

Also a fan of Outland since the 80's and was pondering that purchase.

You also mention the one scene in Spiderman which made me decide to buy the soundtrack ... the crane scene, the music at that point really grabs you doesn't it, very "Bishops Countdown-esque" :cool:

As for the Bat score, jeees why do we have to wait so long for it, I wanted to get my hands on that and be playing it before seeing the film but that aint to be, next Wed or Thurs isn't it and booked in to the imax for Friday viewing ;)

Saw an extended feature on you tube last night, loads more clips and music ... it is looking EPIC, I can't frikkin wait (for score & film).

Looking forward to more great reviews from you and keep on doing the oldies like Outland and Halloween III ... and make sure you grabs dibbs on The Expendables :smashin:

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