The Autopsy


Squirrel God

Yes, it's a live autopsy. The first public one since the 1830s. On Channel 4 now. I can't believe it. I feel ill :(


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I thought this was going to be a thread about the cricket! :rolleyes: :D

Squirrel God

Unlikely seeing as I hate cricket - don't know me very well do you Lexy ;) :p

Julie Winston

Yes, it's a live autopsy. The first public one since the 1830s. On Channel 4 now. I can't believe it. I feel ill

Apparently it was only the corpse who spilled his guts on the floor. Have you noticed that the 'coroner' sports the same dodgy accent as the gasman in TLC? It's almost a parody of the German tones, very camp.


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What a complete Channel 4 con! A total swiz! :mad:

We were promised to see this "groundbreaking live event", and what do we get? A few shots of the body, and dissection; a bit of the latter-half of the actual autopsy; a lot of shots of the audience, and a lot of people talking about the whole thing.

A complete load of tosh, in my opinion! There were at least 10 warnings about "graphic scenes of bodily organs, that may offend viewers", and we actually saw very, very little.

And when I telephoned C4 this morning, I was told that: "we had to edit scenes to stay within ITC guidelines for taste and decency"! :D

Channel 4 is a complete joke!!!



It was a bit boring, Im not sure the whole body was'nt one of those' heres one I prepared earlier' deals.

The brain seemed to take no time to remove, takes me as long to get a walnut opened and eaten.

When they removed the organ package it looked like a small block chevy engine.
It was interesting in a way, But was really just a big stunt for his work, some of my relations have seen his exhibitions down in 'dat London" and were quite inspired.

Hope full y not inspired enough to have a go:eek:


how can you have a live autopsy on a dead body? very dssapointing:rolleyes:


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I remember seeing a couple of very graphic autopsies on a programme about either death or morticians or something either channel4 or BBC2.

In New York it was I believe. I think the Live tag on the autopsy programme was a little bit of a misnomer : ok it was in front of a live audience but ...

Anyway my point about the other programme was that it was very disturbing and quite moving: one was a very young boy who'd died of aids from infected blood ( I think the autopsy was part of a lawsuit by his parents but his body had been embalmed for a couple of years: very unsettling colours: bright green and yellows : he almost looked bronzed: weird to think he hadn't aged for two years ).

Anyway I must admit that I do find all this stuff a lot more difficult to handle after having some first hand ( or second if you like) experience of surgery , medical stuff bits of real life insides out ( not me I hasten to add I just happened to be standing there trying to look stoic). Makes you realise a few things I wouldn't presume to have the eloquence to mention in a meaningful manner on this site.

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