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The Art Of Upgrading Widdout Upgrading


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Ok, so I've horribly paraphrased the great Bruce Lee with the topic title (may I burn in hell for all eternity for all that) but as a description, it fits...
So, my receiver is coming up to 10 years old. Pioneer VSX10-19.
All good except no 4k at all, only 1080p and no Atmos. I'm not yet bother by Atmos as I'm yet to be wowed by it.
Last year I ended up getting the awesome 55inch LG C6 OLED TV and an XBOX ONE S. And with my Netflix Premium I've been living the picture quality.
But a little problem, I am 60/40 audio/visual in my preference and when I upgraded the TV, to get 4k uhd playing, I had to go straight to the TV from the console, meaning the audio to the amp was sent by the TV in up to Dolby Digital.
This is not terrible and I don't think anyone other than an enthusiast would notice.
But I noticed and it bugged the hell out of me.
I had agreed with the missus that I wouldn't buy a new amp due to other commitments.
So instead... I bought a fantastic bit of kit, very rarely mentioned here.
I bought the AVR KEY made by HD FURY.
This gets fed the signal from the Xbox and splits it into a video output and an audio output. Video to TV for 4k and audio to the amp for Dolby TrueHD and beyond if required.

This I think cost me £117 including delivery (DHL) from Germany.

All a bit strange as when I had the 1080p plasma, the signal went straight to the amp which forwarded on the 1080p but upgrading the TV to 4k actually meant a step backwards in audio limitations.

If imagine this gadget could help lots of other people who use the Xbox for 4k discs as it only has one output..
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Joe Fernand

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The HDFury 'AVR key' is a unit we supply often to resolve the 'no 4K UHD' support on legacy AVR and AVP units - the Dual Input Integral2 and Vertex are also options, though the 'audio' Output on those devices still carries a usable Video signal.


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