The Aristocats: The Disney Collection #21 (Zavvi Exclusive) (Blu-ray Steelbook)


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Purchase link: Zavvi

Release date: 11/08/2014

Status: In Stock



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This looks the DOGS!! ;)


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The Disneys aren't selling that well either going by the amount still available to buy and the last few that are listed as sold out will be back again nearer to release. Some were meant to have considerably less of the original print run too what with that Scanovo damage thing that was mentioned a while back so it's quite surprising.

I'm sure another Pixar will be announced very soon, they just seem to be focusing more on Disney as there's so many of them to release.


Not a big fan of this one even though it features some of the same voice talent as one of my faves of theirs, The Jungle Book. Still, my 2-year-old likes it so I'll probably get it for her as I have most of the other Disney steels. :)


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Will be very expensive for you Disney collectors if some dates don't change...

Got Robin Hood on the 30th June, then Hercules, Mulan, Aristocats, Pinocchio and Hunchback a week later on the 7th July :eek:


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Alice in Wonderland is out on 30th too, after many delays.

Hunchback is live tomorrow I guess.

I suspect some are moved too but 7 in 7 days is nothing compared to some weeks I had, I can take that now and again but since "retiring" from getting them all ive only had 7 uk steels in the last 2 months and I like that average a lot more!
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Forgot about Alice, bloody hell that's £140 in a week as it stands on just Disney steels.

Not read anything about Hunchback so not sure, i wouldn't be surprised though.


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Dispatch email received


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Yeah got mine too this morning with hunchback.

Bit late if release was today though, I didn't notice though as I never look at release calendar now.


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Recieved my copy today, mint condition, no spine slash or any other damage :) nice looking steel, happy with this one.


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Wow, received mine today and it's a real beaut. The colour, the gloss, the embossing. There is nothing that I don't like about this steelbook.

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