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The Apprentice back 10 May


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Just a heads up. The Apprentice is back for a new series starting 10th May. I for one am looking forward it. Not sure if it's being broadcast in HD. Always been an enjoyable series. This time the winner gets a £250,000 business investment rather than a role in his business.
Just a heads up. The Apprentice is back for a new series starting 10th May. I for one am looking forward it. Not sure if it's being broadcast in HD. Always been an enjoyable series. This time the winner gets a £250,000 business investment rather than a role in his business.

Damn, I should have gone in for it.
You should have! The audience always appreciates some comedy!

Do you have a field of ponies? :D

No, I'm just the greatest genius that has ever lived, but unfortunately I don't have any comedy. :(


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Spot the i'm female and here for my assests (;))

Amen to that.

I'm hoping there's another "field of ponies" candidate, because more than anything else it was cringeworthy but very entertaining.


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It's up now (has been for a while, but they hadn't changed 6 to 7 in the various URLs)

EDIT ... No it's still in a state of transition
so go to: BBC - The Apprentice 2011 - The Official Site ----> BBC - The Apprentice 2011 - Candidates

... and Episode 1's page:
BBC - BBC One Programmes - The Apprentice, Series 7, £250 Business Start Up

The stakes are raised higher than ever in this series of The Apprentice, as this time there is no six-figure salary job on offer. Instead, the sixteen candidates are vying for one life changing opportunity: £250,000 investment to start their own company, with Lord Sugar as their business partner.

Lord Sugar wastes no time showing the candidates he means business, using the first task to challenge his potential partners' entrepreneurial skills. Each team are given £250 to invest in fresh fruit and vegetables, and Lord Sugar makes it clear that he expects a high return.

Packed off to New Covent Garden Market, the teams race to buy the best produce at the cheapest price and set to work adding value to their haul by making juices, fruit salads and soups, and pasta to tempt London's hungry workforce. With the pressure on to exploit both the lucrative breakfast and lunch trade, it's not long before the tension rises and the blame game begins.

The highly competitive candidates desperately attempt to sell their stock, bring back the highest return and avoid the firing line in the boardroom.

But for one candidate, business dreams are crushed as they are the first to hear the dreaded words 'You're fired'.
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I didn't realise it was not one but two episodes next week ...
- Episode 2 airs at 9pm the following night, Wed 11th May (and there's a corresponding You're Fired episode both nights at 10pm on BBC2)
BBC - BBC One Programmes - The Apprentice, Series 7, Mobile Phone Application

An early morning delivery sends the candidates into the fast-paced world of technology. Lord Sugar challenges the teams to think big and go global as they must design, launch and promote a new mobile phone application.

In the battle for downloads, the teams must create a mobile app and pitch it to three influential technology websites to become 'App of the Day', as well as attempt to convince a huge crowd of bloggers and software experts at a major gaming fair to support the application and increase downloads.

With their apps downloadable for 24 hours, a dramatic result leads to a fierce boardroom battle, and one more candidate faces Lord Sugar's immortal words: 'You're fired'.
BBC - BBC Two Programmes - The Apprentice: You're Fired, Series 7, Episode 1

With the prize of a partnership with Lord Sugar, 16 candidates have gone into battle. But who is the first to bite the dust? Dara O Briain hears what the one who didn't get away has to say, as they are grilled by Innocent co-founder Richard Reed and journalist Kate Spicer.
BBC - BBC Two Programmes - The Apprentice: You're Fired, Series 7, Episode 2

Dara O Briain meets the candidate who got a slap from an app when their mobile phone creation failed to set the world on fire. Getting to the bottom of what went wrong are Lord Sugar's aide Karren Brady and comedian Andy Parsons.


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Sort of Apprentice meets Dragon's Den...

It's funny that Sir/Lord Alun talks about feeling let down by contestants who wanted to be television stars, when reading the BBC preview it seems to be the usual selection of confident/arrogant competitive self-loving types (which of course make for good television viewing). So nothing has changed then


Certainly a downgrade in the looks department this year. :( Last years apprentices were far more easy on the eye Liz, Paloma and Stella :smashin:


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Clearly they had to say into the camera "we are not allowed to smile". Maybe give them time, they might look better trying to carry off "normal" :p Just me though or do all the one-liners seem scripted?
They all look fairly normal this year. I can't figure out who the oddball is. I think I can make out the posh guy, and the clever female, but not the oddball...

...maybe Gavin Winstanley?
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What a ****, felt his bottom lip hitting the ground. What happened to his top teeth, when he was talking in the taxi?


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He was a damn good laugh on You're Fired, seemed like a natural comedian, possibly the most memorable week one loser

On the whole, pretty much same old same old week one task, which was disappointing .... tomorrow is clearly going to be more original.

Melody ... what a talker! After tonight's name dropping, it's probably going to be about being bombed and kidnapped tomorrow.

Definitely do not like Edna, the HR person/'business psychologist' - dealt enough with these unaccountable muppets in their protected non-jobs for years, and she came across just like the worst of them


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Disappointed that there is no baggs wannabe.

They all seemed like him to me :eek: I'm sure the editting has something to do with it but they do say the crap they say... Amazing that these people have a job in the 1st place!

By the way did Melody mention that she's worked with **** and ******* oh and it was her who gave the team name and it was her who had all the good ideas and decided everything, she literally won on her own! And she's be personally trained by **** and ****** too!
The good thing about her is she's humble and doesn't like name dropping :D


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Dont tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon - classic

I think we should have a competition for the best quote from each episode.

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