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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 8th October 2008
The Amityville Horror was, and still is, quite a popular haunted house offering. It holds up well today against the plethora of modern equivalents and even its own more visceral and dynamic remake by virtue of James Brolin’s intimidating performance, Schifrin’s terrifying score and some elaborate, if cliché-defining, set-pieces. Personally, I think of the film as a guilty pleasure – daftly overwrought and quite juvenile in its scare tactics, to be sure, but still highly entertaining. It’s notoriety and the huge question mark hanging over the supposedly real events that took place in the house once the Lutzes moved in only add flavour to the pot, but it is best viewed as a pantomimic haunted house story – all the elements are in place and trotted out with well-rehearsed panache, fully anticipating the appropriate reactions from the audience. The finale is patently ridiculous but you can’t deny the overall fun of this particular fright-fair.</p>
Sadly, MGM’s Blu-ray release leaves a lot to be desired. Shorn of extras and boasting some ineffective surround mixes and an image that may be better than its SD counterpart, but not by much, this falls far short of the boxset of the first three movies that also contained a bonus disc of features. Thus, really speaking, this edition is only for the most devout of fans.
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