The ABCs of Death Blu-ray Review

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26 Directors. 26 Ways to Die.

The history of the horror anthology is quite illustrious, peppered as it is with dazzling vignettes of inspired flair and wit from Ealing's Dead of Night to the lurid Weird Talesvibe of Romero's Creepshow, taking in the visually ravishing and memorably haunting, such as A Drop of Water in Bava's Black Sabbath and the overall elegance of the classic Kwaidan, the Poe-inspired Tales of Terror and the decorative fantasy of Ray Bradbury's The Illustrated Man, and the quintessential wraparound collective made so avidly and enjoyably by Amicus. The majority of these earlier examples have been built around mini movies, microcosmic dramas that, in their heyday, seemed determined to embellish a moral code with their semi-guilty or totally guilty saps falling for Fate-bound warnings to mend their ways or well-deserved comeuppances...

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I'm watching the bluray now and I can't figure out how to navigate the main menu. Is it some kind of elaborate menu or is it broken? There's no options and I can't select anything.

Edit-never mind, the disc was just playing silly buggers.
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