The A-Team - Explosive Extended Triple Play Edition Blu-ray Review

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Reviewed by Cas Harlow, 3rd December 2010.
I have fond memories of The A-Team TV series, but I had absolutely no problems with them cashing in on the show’s nostalgia and rebooting it for the Big Screen. Hell, I welcomed another macho team-based ensemble action movie, even if it was the third of its kind to hit the screens in Summer 2010. The trouble is, despite a solid cast, capable Director and decent budget, this plan just doesn’t come together, and 6 elaborate escapes, 2 grand heists and a magic trick (involving juggling CG ship containers, no less) later and you realise that there was very little there in the first place to hold it all together. The characterisation wavers between serious and caricatures of the old 80s TV show; the story is identical to the much earlier-penned The Losers, only made for a bigger budget (which just means that you have to put up with over two hours of dumb action, instead of a tolerable ninety minutes) and the acclaimed Director – who worked such wonders with a low budget in Narc and Smokin’ Aces – appears to have just gotten distracted by all the money, and consequently invested far too much in some rather distracting and unnecessary CG work, most of which would have better suited a Toy Story entry. I may have been most disappointed with The Expendables this year, but that was only because it didn’t reach my high expectations – I had no expectations when it came to The A-Team, and it still failed to capture my attention. Honestly, my favourite ensemble team-based action movie of the year was the underrated, and downright fun, The Losers, which had far more heart. But if you want true quality, and a sort-of team based actioner, you could always go for Chris Nolan’s thinking-man’s blockbuster, Inception.

On Region Free UK Blu-ray we get a solid package which sports the Theatrical Cut, the superior (although not enough to redeem the movie in any way) Extended Edition, superb video and bombastic audio, and a decent selection of extras, which should keep fans occupied for some time. It also comes with a DVD copy and a Digital copy of the movie, and hits the shops two weeks before its US counterpart. And did I mention it’s Region Free? Yes, this is definitely the version to pick up if you enjoy this movie, even if my recommendation would be to rent this movie, and instead pick up a cheap copy of The Losers instead, just wait around for the imminent Director’s Cut of The Expendables (Stallone has shown himself capable of decent, different Director’s Cuts), or go a completely different route, and pick up the smart actioner Inception instead. However, with the Christmas season looming and presents becoming an issue, I can see how The A-Team could tempt as an explosive package. But you really have to ask yourself how much rewatch value is in this particular turkey.

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Plenty of rewatch, chief.

Unlike, say... The Losers or Salt. ;)

All viewers really needed was a reasonably coherent plot, some likeable characters, snappy dialogue, stylish direction and decent action.
Which it all has, IMO.

Regardless, keep up the good work, Cas.
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