The 7th Voyage of Sinbad Blu-ray Review

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Reviewed by Keith Hurst, 20th October 2008
This is a good enough watch, and re-watch really, on those lazy Sunday afternoons and takes me back somewhat to when I looked forward to Sunday afternoons to catch a film from a bygone year. Those of us of an age where we grew up on Harryhausen will love this, those more familiar with the almost perfect rendering of CGI will perhaps not be similarly pleased. But then if they took the time to look at the animation and craftsmanship which Harryhausen put into all of his works then they might just see something better that those sterile CGI equivalents. Harryhausen here lays the work for some of his better known and liked films, equally Herrman simply constantly builds on his previous works, introducing new themes for individual characters and at time borrowing earlier themes from earlier works. The two are auteurs of the finest order, dedicated to their craft, they add weight to any production they put their hand to.

The film is old and somewhat showing its age but the transfer is still good from that period and the audio just pips the video to the post. Excellent supplementary material pads the disc out well, and most include conversations with or about Harryhausen. It is to my eternal shame that some years ago whilst living in Stirling he gave a talk in a small hotel in a small village just two miles from me and I never found out about it until two days after the event. Here though I get to catch up with some of his ideas.

A Golden Oldie and a great disc to have and add to your collection.
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