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So, quick background. For the last three years I have been using a Hisense 58 inch K700 which quite frankly, I have found to be a great TV. It has some weaknesses in the local dimming which is especially visible in horror movies/credits scenes but overall not too bothered. Fast forward to today I'm looking for the biggest and best TV I can get in my budget (which is up to £2100 but the lower the better).

The 75NU8000 has my attention at the moment (a rather fetching £1699) and seems to be my favourite but I wanted to get some affirmations.

Media sources:
Xbox One (non 4k), Wii U, PS4 Pro for games + blurays, Switch, PS2 (yes two)
Amazon Fire 4k (incase inbuilt software is not up to scratch)
Netflix (UHD)
Some old animated movies and anime which are VHS/DVD quality

Viewing distance is between 8-9 feet depending on how large of a tv stand I get and how thick the back of a new sofa will be. Therefore I am preferring 75 inches over perhaps a 65 OLED but open to opinions.

To questions:

1. At this point do I just have to accept that AV and composite are being phased out and that I will need to get an AV receiver to continue to keep things connected (I'm mainly referring to the PS2). I wouldn't mind using a splitter for the wii U/xbox/switch to save some HDMI slots.
2. £1699 seems to be the best price for the NU8000 but my preferred retailer Richer Sounds is out of stock.
JL stocks it for that price with 5 years warranty but I genuinely don't know if they will last that long; does it with a free 4k bluray player but I believe only 1 year warranty
I can get it for £1601 from Samsung direct using a corporate discount but again only 1 year warranty
RGBDirect also does it for 1699 with 5 years warranty from retcare (never heard of it but hopefully competitive to the above).

Should I just go for one of the above or wait it out for other deals? Any other recommended retailers?


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John Lewis have it for same price. Have you tried calling your local RS to see if they can source one?

Re hdmi ports and connections - buy a hdmi switch, not a splitter. You could go for a receiver but only if you’re going to add speakers to replace tv sound.

Samsung smart system is very good. It’s between it and LG one re which is best.


You could buy the cheaper Hisense A series: Hisense 75A6600UK which has the connections you need but its not a great TV with HDR at all.

But on the other hand, the NU8000 is only average with HDR anyway.

An AV receiver isn't a bad idea anyway to be honest, you can even use one with just two speakers if you wish. There are thin models available now and often you can buy one 1 or 2 years old at a large discount.

If you find you don't need the Fire TV you'll have all the ports covered without any additional boxes with the Hisense.

EDIT* forgot to mention there are other options if you go down to 70" in size in the best by guide.

Sony XF83 series - Same spec as the NU8000 only 70" instead of 75", includes component/composite input. Smart TV is Android so more functional in terms of more app selection, but slower and bugger.

LG UK series at 70" - same spec as Hisense but with better smart, includes component composite and has better smart TV, probably the best of the bunch.
My best value TVs, 2018-2019 Edition
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