The 436 Has Arrived - My Day In Pictures...


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Well I was home today to receive delivery of my new toy, a Pioneer 436XDE Screen, Speakers, Media Receiver & Stand.

The plan today was to get the RS-100 fixed wall mount up and the plasma hanging and ready to run in.

The wall mount went up pretty easily and I made sure I used every fixing point possible using heavy duty fixings. My wife and I proceeded to hang off the mount to make sure it wasn’t moving and once we had confidence in the fixings and my DIY skills mounted the plasma.

As you can see the system and power cable are not hidden yet but that’s a job for another weekend. They will in turn be routed outside and to my forthcoming media rack/stand somewhere else in the room.

OK onto screen performance and I’m pleased to say first impressions are positive. Admittedly I’m no plasma expert however after searching and reading this forum for a few weeks hope I’ve grasped the basics. I’ve turned the brightness and contrast right down but the screen is still producing some impressive results.

Source 1: Sky+ Box – Lovely crisp picture, IXOS Scart cable used and RGB mode selected. Menu text is pin sharp and colour bleed is minimal.

Source 2: Cambridge Audio DVD 300 (Soon to be replaced with Oppo Digital HDMI Unit).

Source 3: Compaq Presario R3000 Laptop – I’ve acquired some stunning HDTV stuff i.e. The Matrix, Shark Tale, Ray & 2nd Series of Lost (2 episodes so far) and have hooked these up to the Screen via the PC socket. First impressions are good and using Theater Tek the results are simply stunning.

On a general note the screen seems to be producing good solid blacks, decent colours and crisp images. I’ve think I noticed a little judder whilst watching a action sequence of a film on Sky earlier although I’m going to try out a few things first with the settings before getting down about it.

Anyway here are the pictures, excuse the quality as there taken with my phone. I’ll get some decent ones with a proper camera over the weekend and update this thread accordingly.

Generally I’m pleased and have to say that anyone else waiting for one of these won’t be disappointed.

Oh and it looks [Swearing- edited- Ekko Star] sexy wall mounted. ;)





















Jesus , I thought I had used lots of screws :D . That suckers not going anywhere , hopefully .



Brilliant, thanks for all the pics - please keep it up!

I have the same phone as you, and soon hope to have the same TV too!

Majid Khan

Serkie , did you notice judder on both 100hz and 75hz mode? from what i've read elsewhere, there is no judder with 75hz... would you say this is the case?


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To be honest I can't reproduce the judder at the moment.

I've just tried a few battle sequences in the Lord of the Rings - Return of the King at both settings and it seems to run smoothly.

Also tried a 1080i HD version of Lost which has a sequence when their running through the forest and it too runs without judder.

I'm seriously impressed so far however I want to try some football on it tomorrow to test a little more.

Majid Khan

Really pleased to hear that Serkie, I'm definitely going to get a demo of the 436xde... sounds like it could be what I'm after.

I'm after a HD screen, but preferably one which doesn't suffer from image retention (as frequently as the PV500 does, it seems) or screen burn, has exceptional picture quality without any judder/blur, does not suffer from dynamic contrast flickering (like the PV500) and does not buzz (like the Pv500).. and oh yes, the remote control must look classy (not clumsy like the PV500). :)

BTW, do Pioneer plasmas come with a free 2 yr warranty from all retailers, or is this just certain retailers which offer this ?


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For the spec and requirements you give your only going to be looking at 2 screens (TV's not Panels), i.e. PV500 or the 436XDE.

Before I bought I demo'd both twice and took my wife along the second time with a few DVD's and my laptop to try different sources and get a second opinion. After fiddling with settings etc we both came to the conclusion that the Pioneer appeared to offer a slightly better picture although it was very close.

From an ascetics point of the view the Pioneer design is a winner and we both thought the PV500 looked cheap in comparison.

I got mine via Comet online when the price was £2498 with the speakers and stand however the warranty was only 1 Years.

With this in mind I purchased the screen with my credit card which offers me standard 2 years warranty on all items over a certain price.


I notice there are changes in the new 436 remote control and the sockets are now rear facing instead of pointing at the floor. Nice :)


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fantastic job...! but is it just me? dont think the media box looks as good as the 435's :cool:


Very interested to know how it handles setting your laptop to 1280x720. Is there a slight overscan, does it look distorted in any way?? Would appreciate a pic taken of the laptop set to this resolution.

Did you get discount on the screws? Good job on getting them straight from what I can see.

Is you using the laptop for any video have you tried ffdshow for resizing smaller res files. I have a 1280x720 preset if you want to try it.


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Four fixings - as long as they are done properly - are fine!

It's possible to do more harm than good by drilling 4096 holes in 1/2 SqM bit of wall!

theo cupier

I have 6 6M x 10mm sleeved bolts holding my PHD8 to the brick wall.

Well, 5 really, because one of them hasn't gone in properly (the sleeve just rotates in the drilled hole in the brickwork and the bolt wont secure fully).

Well 4 actually, because the last one - middle right - sheared the bolt head off as I was in the last half inch of tightening.

**runs off to hold screen onto wall until help arrives.**

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