The 32Inch Dilemma!


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Hi AVF :hiya:
Firstly i really really don't know anything in the field of TV's and i've searched around and you lot seem like the go-to guys when it comes to this sort of thing, so here i am :rolleyes:
I'm currently looking for a 32" HD Tv and am utterly clueless, i've had a look through different threads on here and honestly it's just confused me further lol.
So down to business...
Budget: £450(max!)
Size: 32inch preferably
Type: 1080p
Use: Mainly for my PS3 but also watching tv but only like freeview, i don't have sky etc.
I was looking at this Toshiba 32xv555 from RicherSounds and to me (being a total tv newb) it looked like a great buy, though reading threads on here people were saying something about smearing? and being bad for PS3 gaming etc.
Another thing is something about 100/200hz scanning? to help with the reduction of smear and things? Alot of the tv's i've been looking at it doesn't seem to come with and i'm wondering if i really do need it?!
I'll list the ones i've been looking at and if you could point out the best please, or a different recommendation that'd be great! :thumbsup:

Any advice would be brilliant, sorry for being a pain in the bum but i need to make my decision before Saturday which is when i'll be able to go grab whatever one you guys think :D
Thanks alot :smashin:
- TvNewb.
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Hi, welcome to the forums.

First of all I would rule out the LG5000 and 5700, they're last years models and the LH4000 is better.

I would recommend adding the Panasonic L32X10 to your list, it's especially good for motion. As for 100Hz it is a feature which is nice but is recommended to be off most of the time, a lot of TVs also turn it off in the game modes as well as it reduces input lag. Basically get it if you can, but don't worry too much, there are a good few 50Hz TVs which handle motion very well (like the Panasonic I linked too). If you're interested the L32X15 is available for £499, that does have 100Hz which isn't turned off in game mode.

Personally I would put it between the X10 and the LH4000, but I haven't seen the hitachi. The X10 isn't 1080p but you don't need it at this size or for your uses, I wouldn't worry about it


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Hi Monarch08 & Tikloos :smashin:
Thanks very much for your replies! I guess it seems to be a decision between the
PANASONIC TXL32X10 and the LG 32LH4000 then, the only diff' being a tenner in price (going with the 5 yr warranty from RicherSounds) i'm torn between them.
From just glancing over the specs on RS it seems the LG is higher resoloution which would seem better to me, is that right? Also it says it supports 1080p which though it's not a must being a tenner in difference to the Panasonic the LG seems a better choice, is that right or completely wrong? lol.

I need a few opinions on this, i'm actually pretty nervous this being my first time buying a HD tv :rolleyes:
Thanks for helping thus far :)
- TvNewb.


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1080p isn't necessarily better, blu-ray and PC inputs are the only 1080p native material at the moment, you will only get the benefit when watching them, you may actually get a worse SD picture (the X10 is better for SD TV) and you will struggle to see the difference between 720p and 1080p at this size, I doubt very much that you will see any difference at all


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strangly enough im in exactly the same position chooseing between these two LCDs

interested to see which way you go so i can get your opionions on your purchase


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I had heard there was suppose to be a price drop for the X10. Anyone know when this is due?

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