That Obscure Object of Desire Blu-ray Review

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“No good will ever come of chasing woman” my Mother always used to say, but what sort of Surrealist move will it make?

It is very good to see that Studiocanal are continuing their series of classic film releases on Blu-ray. As well as a number of extremely well known titles, there are is also an extensive collection of movies that fit into the “Well Respected” category, but that are less widely recognised, due at least in part to their foreign roots.

That Obscure Object of Desire is one such title. Initially released in 1977 and based upon an earlier novel from the turn of the century, it tells the story of an old man’s unfulfilled infatuation with a much younger woman. That alone is a gross oversimplification of a complex plot told in a confusing way – mainly by flashbacks and including two actresses playing the same part!

Directed by Luis Bunel, this is considered by some to be his finest work. Ultimately it was to be...

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