THAT frostys ad


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ush flynn

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i wonder if that kid is proud of himself. Id love if someone knew him on myspace or something and we could post this.


I thought it was just me and the missus who thought that kid needed to be shot for being too enthusiastic.

How the hell can you get away with rhyming GREAT with PIRATE ?????


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I absolutely loathe that :censored: advert, and I'd happily cut-out that kid's vocal chords, just to make sure he could never ever be in an advert as irritating as that one, ever again!! :devil:


P.S. If they're gonna taste so bloody great, why doesn't he go out and bloody well buy some, and stop :censored: singing about it, like a complete arse?! :mad:


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Haha. That's Greeaat!!!!
It's missing the real tigers ( pref starving ) and the beef steak shirt and shorts he should be made to wear.


lovemunkey187 said:
Have they got rid of Tony then?
The original person that did the voice for him died not too long back, the replacement never was as good. The original guy was Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat.


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Jenn said:
I think it's just the kid's face, when he starts and open his big mouth...:suicide:

And it's all down hill from there ;)


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Singh400 said:
I heard that kid killed himself because of all the bullying he got at school because of that advert. :\

Are you sure it's not simply because he saw the advert and like the rest of us felt like killing the guy in it?

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Can we send him to Bieruit as a peace envoy?

Should have the desired effect.


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Every time I see that :censored: advert, the kid reminds me of Peter Crouch and his goal celebration/dancing....don't know why but it makes me chuckle all the same.

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Silver Arrow said:
Can we send him to Bieruit as a peace envoy?

Should have the desired effect.

We could even send him to Beirut, which would give slightly more credence to your post.:cool:

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