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    Alas, upon looking back at the last six months of CRT ownership, and taking the crown as the youngest CRT owner :D ~ i'd like to thank a few people for their help over the times...

    Roland - thanks for the phone call away help solving problems on my 801s, and for the replacement parts when needed, you've helped me out incomprehensivly, cheers!

    Gordon - thanks for the convergence help on the 801s, my picture has improved dramatically when i started speaking to you.... :D

    Everyone Else - With the help of you lot over the months, its been a great laugh, and i've learnt loads - special thanks to retro, THX1138, jenz on ICQ and many others...

    Thanks to the mods too for the site..

    Have a good new year, and i'd buy you all a drink, but i'm underage :D
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