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Thanks to all

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by hao, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. hao


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    Got my 37"Vera from JL last Thur. and the stand Fri. So I would like to say thanks to the Forum members for the imput that enabled me to get the best deal on a very good screen and also the best advice on setting it up with the minimum of fuss.
    The PQ looked good straight out of the box. None of the problems that others have described so maybe I have been lucky to get a fault free screen or is it early days yet?
    The setup I did as per the manual with the exeption of the coax which comes through the Sky box to the E55 and into the screen, I need this to feed the other TV out from the Digibox to the five TV sets around my house.
    Maybe it's my imagination but the PQ seems to get better each day, I have it on cinema and the settings about half way till it is run in. I have DVE but don't think I need it so first one to offer me a tenner can have it.
    Freeview seems to give the best quality, followed by terrestial (thanks to investing in the best digital aerial), followed by Sky depending on the quality of the input.
    The only thing I need to do is to adjust the the overscan as some of the script is not always visable. Dose anyone have a simple and foolproof explanation of how to do this.

    Thanks from hao

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