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Thanks for the help


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For thos who responded to my question re 12 volt switching on the TAg - many thanks.

I followed your instuctions and now I don't have to get off my chair to switch my stuff on - a great benefit don't you think?

Thanks again



Hi Caleb!. I remember you were using other brand monoblocks for your pair of 802 and HTM1. Have you change your mind and are you using again the 250x3R??


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I now have a pair of Bryston 7B SST driving the front two 802's.

This means that the 250x3R now drives the centre HTM1 and the surround 802's, leaving the Marantz monoblocks to drive the rear 805's.

When I can figure out how to bi-amp the rears, I will use the spare set of Marantz monoblocks to do this.

BTW the sound has improves so much since the change and the Brystons have not yet "run in"


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