Thank you Sony, now what do I do ?

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    Heres my problem:-
    Sony have taken away a perfectly good camcorder function (and surely videoing is the primary objective here) whilst spending effort on promoting stills (cameras are still better for this aspect, certainly for paper prints). New to the current format arena and all the gizmos, I soon decided to forget being influenced by the stills option on current Digital8/(play Hi8) camcorders and concentrate on being able to view my 10 yrs of Hi8 footage and record in current higher quality my interest of airshow aircraft and edit back to DV...(more people spectate at airshows than watch football...fact !)
    To avoid dark silhouettes of aircraft, you need to be able to overcome the problems of pointing auto exposure devices at bright skies for this, and enough people point their devices at such skies at these events ! Manual control over shutter speed and aperture is vital in dictating to the camcorder what light it should let in. Also low shutter speeds are vital in avoiding getting silly looking almost static blades on aircraft doing 300mph ! Many of those people also have been filming these events on Hi8 until recent times.
    Given this, the choice of Camcorder for when your Hi8 dies (mine !) is Digital8, namely the TRV240 for DVin/out. It has manual control over both shutter and aperture and it plays Hi8. ...NO ! Sony have decided to disable the manual shutter speed control option on the 340 and 240 supposedly to encourage apparent clever types into MiniDV, but ignoring the fact that those people are now stuffed when it comes to their existing footage, MiniDV can't play Hi8. So much for buying a Sony camcorder and all those Sony Hi8 tapes.

    But for this, it was to be the TRV240, now I am totally disheartened, just what are my options for digital and playing Hi8...I seem to think Sony were my only hope here, does anyone know different ?
    I would think forget viewing my Hi8 and get a good MiniDV with manual control option over shutter and aperture. Which one ?
    (Beware specs that say manual control over exposure, it says this for the 240 & 340, that just means you decide on aperture, system decides shutter, still underexposes a sky shot !)

    Then what about the Hi8 ?

    Camcorder before Friday for my hols looking v dicey now !

    Please help.
    BOBC :confused: :mad:

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