TH65PV500 - When ?



Its up on the panasonic (UK) website. A google search reveals impresive specs. Any (confirmed or not) idea of UK arrival ? Anyone seen one working ?
I would say that is too big for current sources, I have gone from 42 to 50 and if I am going to be honest the 42 was amazing quality but the 50 shows Sky up too much for what it really is.

I would wait for the new 1920x1080 65" panel, by next summer there will be some material to take advantage of it.
Perhaps with the Crystalio II would be bearable ! Any idea when the 1080p model is out ? I have the room and the wall for the 65". I waited for a year to get the 65phd8 due to the issues with the 7 series (hdmi compatibility).
You mention the 65PV500 and then the 65PHD8, if it is the 65PHD8 I would say combining it with the Crystalio II would really help, but there is only so much you can squeeze out of SD material. It should still look very good though, how far will you be sitting from the screen?
In my normal seating position of around 9ft the 50 shows up flaws, however from about 11ft it looks amazing.
Viewing distance is about 13-14 ft. The most important thing I should mention is that the setup should be relatively future proof since I won't be spending this amount of money if I was going to replace it in 3 years. This means ready for Sky HDTV, it means ready for HD-DVD (or blue ray). The alternatives are clear :

1) 65phd5 (1366x768) - available soon
2) 65pv500 (appears to be a viera version of above) - available soon
3) 65px500 (1080p viera) - early 06 in the UK ?

Given the relatively inexpensive interlace to seq conversion inside plasmas and the many resolutions which the plasma would have to deal with (HD and SD, 50Hz and 60Hz) I considered the crystalio II as the best scaler which can be combined with any of the above. However the attractiveness of a scaler is reduced unless it can do 1:1 pixel mapping with the above displays.

What is you recommendation ?
Well I will go into my panel with a Crystalio II with RGBhv, as I do with the curent version, and use stripper inbetween source and scaler so the analogue outs are not turned off, as I agree unless you get 1:1 mapping and no frame rate conversion you really aren't getting the most out of a scaler.

If you can wait for the new 1080p panel it may be worth it, Panasonic have said it will be around half the price of the current 65PHD7, whether that is the same over here we will have to see. But I would think that the 65PHD8 will be an awesome screen too.
I was in Sound and Vision (Bolton) earlier today and they were unpacking a TH65PV500 for use in the shop.... All I can say is it is a colossus ...I just wish I had a house big enough to fit one in! :D

Anyway if you are in the area they have one!



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